Patients-not just Images

Devoted to Education and Practice in Patient-centered Radiology

Why this Website ?

This website has just one purpose - Patients First!

My inclination towards caring about the patient rather than be content with just interpreting radiological images has been evident from my essays published under the title of Chairman's Corner since 2002.

I believe that Radiologists should be aware of all that patients go through when radiological examination is to be gone though - before , during and after. To me, producing accurate and timely reports is but a part of this 'cycle'.

"Catch them young - watch them grow" is a cliched phrase - but it is very relevant in any medical practice. Therefore, to change entrenched practices would mean changing attitudes of residents during their residency when 'students' are impressionable and likely to tread new roads. This is the reason why this website has a bias toward resident education.

For long, I have been lecturing around the country on the subject of "Humanities in Radiology".

During these lectures, one of my favourite phrases has been:

"Radiology is a very clinical subject and we deal with patients all the time-after all, we do not perform sonograms, CT , MR scans, contrast studies etc on goats and elephants - but on human beings who are sick, in pain and are anxious"

One of the images from such a lecture has been featured on the cover page of Radiology (August 2013).

Since 2006, when Radiology started publishing images on its cover page, this is the only issue of Radiology that has featured a patient's 'clinical' photograph on its cover page.

"Not Just Curing" is a TEDx talk of mine with a similar theme but with a broader canvas.

For me radiology has always been about

Patients-not just Images

I hope you will join me in this journey with your writings on the subject and critical feedback about this website.

January 2019