Visual Work

Welcome to my website!

The purpose of the site is to share examples of visual work created with participants of my research projects on their experiences. I invite you to view the examples and engage in a virtual conversation with them. This site may provide researchers and educators who are interested in participatory visual methods with an insight into the practical know-how and implications of the methods.


I, Kyung-Hwa Yang (a.k.a. Kay), was born and raised in South Korea and moved to the United States in 1997. After studying film/video, I worked as a multimedia specialist and project manager at the University of Chicago for years. While at the University, I organized an intense video production course for adult learners in the Chicago area to allow them to give voice to their experiences. This is the genesis of my involvement in participatory visual work. In 2008, I began my doctoral studies in education at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. My doctoral research focused on participatory video (participant-generated video data or the process of creating the data) and its implications for adult learning, which came to fruition as my dissertation titled Participatory Video and Reflexivity: The Experiences of Eight Adult Learners. I live in the Chicago area and can be reached via email: kyung-hwa (dot) yang (at) mail (dot) mcgill (dot) ca.

The Work