Company Volunteer Hours

Companies offer volunteer benefits to their employees.  Some companies will give a grant to the organization for which you volunteer, while others will allow time off for volunteering in the community.  Some local companies with employee benefits for volunteering are listed below.  Your company may need IRS numbers from MPA to link the company's system to MPA;  please contact our treasurer, Amy Moll, for that information.


Bayer offers grants based on volunteer hours.  For every 30 hours individuals volunteer, Bayer will grant the organization $250.  Bayer will grant an organization $250 if a team of 4 or more employees volunteer a total of 30 hours a single event.  For more information or to form a team, some information can be found here or contact Christy Taylor


AT&T offers employee volunteer benefits.  Information about the AT&T program can be found here or contact Mike Joerling.