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THANK YOU on behalf of the England, Scotland and Wales Players:

UK Teams Players with Nenad Bach: ITTF Parkinson's World Table Tennis Championship, Berlin 2021
L-R: Brian Carson (Scot), Digna Baynes (Chile), Leona Macalister (Scot), Gary Lairgh (Scot), Andrew Cassy (Eng), Nenad Bach (USA/PPP), George Chan (Eng), Martyn Symons (Wales), Ed Kirkham (Eng), Joy Paul (Scot), Liz Hamilton (Eng), Stu Robb (Scot), Nick Beswick (Eng), Jenny Thomas (Eng) {Jan Fuller in abstentia}

Photo: Marlena Waldthausen

Jan Fuller: ITTF Parkinson's World Table Tennis Championship
- Ladies Class 1 - Gold, Mixed Doubles Class 2 - Silver, Ladies Doubles Class 2 - Bronze

Photo: Michael Loveder Photography