Virtual Offices

Go virtual

A virtual office allows you to enhance your corporate image, without the overheads of a physical space. It will not only provide you with a prestigious central Bristol address and phone service, but allow you to manage the all important work-life balance when operating from your home.

With a virtual office you can forget about the mundane tasks like maintenance, and it allows you to save money and concentrate solely on what’s important to you; your business.

For larger organisations remote working is increasingly popular, and a virtual office solution can allow your employees to work from home, but provide them with a professional business address and back-up.

What we offer

Park House offers an instant prestigious address and comprehensive service at the fraction of the cost of a physical office. Our staff know our clients personally, and act as an extension of your business in the same way as our resident clients. Also, for when they’re needed, our meeting rooms are available to you at the same preferential rate as our resident clients.

Our virtual services are available in three tiers: