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Upcoming Event

July 21-24 brings us a 3-in-1 big virtual event! Please check the Events and Updates page for details.

Here is Dr. Luca M. Scarantino's welcome remarks. He is the President of FISP and of the 25th World Congress of Philosophy.

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About Our Association

The PHILOSOPHICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (PAP), Inc. is an academic, non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian, and a non-partisan organization of philosophy academics, students, and enthusiasts in the Philippines.

The PAP promotes and shares philosophical knowledge and studies; conducts philosophical investigation, and organizes seminars and conferences on relevant philosophical themes. We invite you to browse our site and check out our activities.

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PAP is a member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) and the Union of Societies and Associations of Philosophy in the Philippines (USAPP).

Our Official Journal

The refereed journal publishes the papers of the members of the Philosophical Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAP) that are collected from the association's various conferences and workshops, as well as exceptional articles from non-members and the works of invited authors.

Our Official Newsletter

Umalohokan is the official newsletter of the Philosophical Association of the Philippines, Inc (PAP). It publishes articles, discussion notes, job and event postings, and the president’s report. The newsletter is released quarterly.