Paolo Baldi 

I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor (Ricercatore a tempo determinato- tipo B) at the the Department of Human Studies at the University of Salento. 

I am interested in nonclassical logics, especially in relation with reasoning under uncertainty and vagueness. 

I am affiliated as a permanent visiting fellow also to the LUCI Group at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Milan. 

Previously, I was affiliated as a Post-doctoral Fellow with the LUCI Group in Milan, the  Institute of Computer Science in the Czech Academy of the Sciences and the Theory and Logic Group at the TU Wien, working on projects led by Prof. Marcello D'Agostino, Prof. Hykel Hosni, Prof. Petr Cintula, Dr.Carles Noguera and Prof. Christian Fermüller.

I obtained my PhD at the TU Wien within the Doctoral Programme Mathematical logic in Computer Science , under the supervision of Prof. Agata Ciabattoni.


The former two events were part of of the Vienna Summer of Logic (VSL) 2014