Paola Profeta


I am the Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability and Full Professor of Public Economics at Bocconi University. 

My research focuses on gender economics, public economics and political economy. I have founded the Axa Research Lab on Gender Equality, a unit of research for the study of gender equality in education, labor market, politics and the analysis of policies to promote gender equality and female leadership. 

I am member of the Board of Management of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF), I am member of Women in Economics (WinE)- European Economic Association and of the Expert Forum of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). I am Research associate of CHILD Collegio Carlo Alberto, Research affiliate at CESifo and Scientific Advisor of UniCredit Foundation.

I am member of the editorial board of International Tax and Public Finance, European Journal of Political Economy, CESifo Economic Studies, Economia Italiana, Labour.

I coordinate the WP "Inequality, Diversity and Inclusion in Aging Societies" of Age-IT, PNRR project and I am the Principal Investigator of PRIN project "Gender stereotypes and women's achievements" (with Bologna and Ca' Foscari) 

I regularly write editorials on gender equality and women's empowerment on the main Italian newspapers and on The Conversation

I was director of the Msc Politics and Policy Analysis, Bocconi University and President of the European Public Choice Society.

Published articles 

Gender gaps in Math: The role of time pressure (forthcoming) 

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

The Economic Journal

Women's Voice on Redistribution: from Gender Equality to Equalizing Taxation (2024)

Monica Bozzano, Paola Profeta, Riccardo Puglisi and Simona Scabrosetti

European Journal of Political Economy

Smart-working: Work Flexibility without Constraints (2023)

Marta Angelici and Paola Profeta

Management Science

Media coverage

Addressing vaccine hesitancy: experimental evidence from nine high-income countries during the COVID-19 pandemic (2023)

Vincenzo Galasso, Vincent Pons, Paola Profeta et al.

BMJ Global Health (original research)

Women and Governance: Central Bank Boards and Monetary Policy (accepted)

Donato Masciandaro, Paola Profeta and Davide Romelli

American Law and Economics Review

Media coverage

Pension information and women's awareness (2022)

Marta Angelici, Daniela Del Boca, Noemi Oggero, Maria Cristina Rossi and Claudia Villosio

Journal of the Economics of Aging

The impact of COVID on the gender division of domestic activities: Evidence from two waves of the pandemic in Italy (2022)

Daniela Del Boca, Noemi Oggero, Paola Profeta and Maria Cristina Rossi

IZA Journal of Labor Economics

Do Board Gender Quotas Matter? Selection, Performance and Stock Market Effects (2022)

Giulia Ferrari, Valeria Ferraro, Paola Profeta and Chiara Pronzato

Management Science 

Media coverage

Statistical Discrimination and Committees (2022)

J.Ignacio Conde Ruiz, J.Jose' Ganuza and Paola Profeta

European Economic Review

Electoral rules, women's representation and the qualification of politicians (2022)

Paola Profeta and Eleanor Woodhouse

Comparative Political Studies

Women and local public finance (2022)

Alessandra Casarico, Salvatore Lattanzio and Paola Profeta

European Journal of Political Economy

Fathers' involvement in the family, fertility and maternal employment: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe (2021)

Ester Fanelli and Paola Profeta


Media coverage

Gender Differences in COVID-19 Related Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from a Panel Survey in Eight OECD Countries (2020)

Vincenzo Galasso, Vincent Pons, Paola Profeta, Michael Becher, Sylvain Brouard, Martial Foucault

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)

Media coverage

Women's and men's work, housework and childcare, before and during COVID-19 (2020)

Daniela Del Boca, Noemi Oggero, Paola Profeta and Maria Cristina Rossi

Review of Economics of the Household

Media coverage

Gender Equality and Public Policy during Covid-19 (2020)

Paola Profeta

CESifo Economic Studies

Let the voters choose women (2019)

Audinga Baltrunaite, Alessandra Casarico, Paola Profeta and Giulia Savio

Journal of Public Economics

Tax Policy and Economic growth: Does it really matter? (2019)

Donatella Baiardi, Paola Profeta, Riccardo Puglisi and Simona Scabrosetti

International Tax and Public finance

When the State Mirrors the Family: The Design of Pension Systems (2018)

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

Journal of the European Economic Association

Information and Women's Intention: Experimental evidence about child care (2017)

Francesco Billari, Vincenzo Galasso, Paola Profeta and Chiara Pronzato

European Journal of Population

Affirmative action and the power of the elderly (2015)

Audinga Baltrunaite, Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta

CESifo Economic Studies

On the regional labour market determinants of female university enrolment in Europe (2014)

Alessandra Casarico, Paola Profeta and Chiara Pronzato

Regional Studies

Gender quotas and the quality of politicians (2014)

Audinga Baltrunaite, Piera Bello, Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta

Journal of Public Economics

Wealth transfer taxation: An empirical investigation (2014)

Paola Profeta, Simona Scabrosetti and Stanley Winer

International Tax and Public Finance 

Lobbying for education in a two-sector model (2014)

Debora Digioacchino and Paola Profeta

Economics and Politics 26(2): 212-236

Does democracy affect taxation and public spending? Evidence from developing countries (2013)

Paola Profeta, Riccardo Puglisi and Simona Scabrosetti

Journal of Comparative Economics

On the political economics of tax reforms: survey and empirical assessment (2013)

Michael Castanheira, Gaetan Nicodème and Paola Profeta

International tax and Public Finance

The role of income effects on early retirement (2013)

J.Ignacio Conde-Ruiz, Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

Journal of Public Economic Theory

Public education and redistribution when talents are mismatched (2012)

Michele Bernasconi and Paola Profeta

European Economic Review

Gender culture and gender gap in employment (2011)

Pamela Campa, Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta

CESifo Economic Studies 

Investing for the Old Age: Pensions, Children and Savings (2009)

Vincenzo Galasso, Roberta Gatti and Paola Profeta

International Tax and Public Finance

Tax complexity with heterogeneous voters (2009)

Emma Galli and Paola Profeta

Public Finance and Management 9(2): 1-33

Why are more redistributive social security systems smaller? (2008)

Marko Kothenburger, Panu Poutvaara and Paola Profeta

Oxford Economic Papers

The Redistributive Design of Social Security Systems (2007)

J.Ignacio Conde Ruiz and Paola Profeta

The Economic Journal

How does aging affect the welfare state? (2007)

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

European Journal of Political Economy

A further comment on aging and the welfare state (2007)

Richard Disney, Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

European Journal of Political Economy 

Political Support and tax reforms with an application to Italy (2006)

Paola Profeta

Public Choice

Lessons for an Aging Society: the Political Sustainability of Social Security Systems (2004)

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

Economic Policy

Aging, Retirement and Social Security in an Interest Groups Model (2004)

Paola Profeta

Mathematical Population Studies 11:93-120.

Retirement and Social Security in a Probabilistic Voting Model (2002)

Paola Profeta

International Tax and Public Finance 

Aging and Retirement: Evidence Across Countries (2002)

Paola Profeta

International Tax and Public Finance

The Political Economy of Social Security: A Survey (2002)

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

European Journal of Political Economy

Books and chapters


Gender equality and public policy. Measuring progress in Europe (2020)

Paola Profeta 

Cambridge University Press

Italian version: Parità di genere e politiche pubbliche. Misurare il progresso in Europa. Egea 2021

Women Directors. The Italian Way and Beyond (2014)

Paola Profeta, Livia Amidani Aliberti, Alessandra Casarico, Marilisa D'Amico and Anna Puccio

Palgrave MacMillan

Donne in attesa: L'Italia delle disparità di genere (2010)

Alessandra Casarico e Paola Profeta


The political economy of taxation: Lessons from Developing Countries (2010)

Paola Profeta and Simona Scabrosetti

Edward Elgar

Tax Systems and Tax reforms in Latin America (2008)

ed. by L.Bernardi, A. Barreix, A.Marenzi and P.Profeta


La economia politica de las pensiones en Espana (2007)

Celentani, V.Galasso, I.Conde Ruiz and P.Profeta

Fundacion FBBVA

Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Europe (2004)

ed. by L.Bernardi and P. Profeta, 


Chapters In International Books

  “Population aging and gender gaps: Labor market, family relationships and public policy” (2023) 

Paola Profeta

In “Handbook on the Economics of Aging”, Bloom, Sousa-Poza, Sunde (eds) Routledge


Population aging and the size of the welfare state (2014)

Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

In: International handbook of Ageing and Public Policy, Edward Elgar

Political economy of taxation (2013)

W.Hettich, Paola Profeta, S. Winer

In “Oxford bibliographies articles: Political Science”, Oxford University Press

Taxation and democracy in developing countries (2013)

Paola Profeta, Riccardo Puglisi and Simona Scabrosetti

In C. Fuest and G. Zodrow (eds) "Critical issues of taxation and development", MIT Press

Political economy issues of taxation in Latin America (2008)

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In A.Barreix, L.Bernardi, A.Marenzi and P. Profeta (eds) "Tax systems and tax reforms in Latin America", Routledge

Democracy and welfare without the welfare state (2006)

Matteo Cacciatore, Paola Profeta and Simona Scabrosetti

In L. Bernardi, A.Fraschini, P.Shomle (eds) "Tax systems and Tax Reforms in South and East Asia", Routledge

The Political Economy of Taxation and Tax Reforms in New EU members Countries (2005)

Paola Profeta

In L. Bernardi, M. Chandler, L. Gandullia (eds), "Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in New EU Members Countries", Routledge

Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Europe: Public Finance and Political Economics (2004)

Paola Profeta

In L.Bernardi, P.Profeta, "Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Europe", Routledge

Aging and Lobbying: Implications for Social Security (2004)

Paola Profeta

In Di Gioacchino, Ginebri, Sabani (eds) "The role of organized interest groups in policy making", McMillan

Working papers and work in progress

Family Culture and Childcare: Individual Preferences and Politicians’ Legislative Behavior

Francesca Carta, Lorenzo De Masi, Paola Profeta

Who cares about childcare? Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic

Alda Marchese, Paola Profeta and Giulia Savio

Gender differences in political budget cycle

Carmela Accettura and Paola Profeta

Policy-oriented contributions 

National tax measures in response to the COVID-19 crisis (2023)

Niccolò Baldesi, Irene Brusini and Paola Profeta

European Parliament

Perche' servono piu' donne leader (2022)

Paola Profeta

Treccani. Libro dell'anno Treccani 2022

Criticita' e prospettive per promuovere la parita' di genere (2022)

Paola Profeta In "Essere Europa" a cura di Piergaetano Marchetti, La Nave di Teseo

Corriere della Sera

Covid-19 pandemic and the gender divide at work and home (2022)

Sanna Nikavoski, Ximena Calo', Letizia Mencarini, Paola Profeta


A summary in italian for In genere

Women and monetary policy (2021)

Paola Profeta

48th OeNB economics conference in collaboration with SUERFand the JVI

Reporting obligations regarding gender equality and equal pay (2021)

Paola Profeta, Ximena Calo', Maria Lucia Passador

European Parliament (JURI commitee)

Gender gaps in Italy and the role of public policy (2019) Economia Italiana. Special Issue. Editor ((with an introduction to the volume). Volume Presented at Bank of Italy, 10/12/2019 (with I.Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy, A. Perrazzelli, General Director Bank of Italy, E. Bonetti, Italian Minister of Equal Opportunities.)

Introduzione: 100 esperte nell’Economia e Finanza, EGEA (2018)

My contribution on board gender quotas in Relazione MEF Bilancio di Genere (2018)

 “Inequality and Public Policies” (2018) (with G. Arachi and M. Giuranno) CESifo Economics Studies, special issue 64. With an introduction to the volume.

Gender quotas and efficiency” (2017) CESifo DICE Report 15 (2), 26-30.

“Gender equality in decision-making positions: The efficiency gains” (2017) Intereconomics 1:34-37.

“Le politiche di genere” (con A. Casarico) in “Agenda Italia” (2017) (ed by A. Goldstein) Il Mulino

Political support for tax reforms in Italy in "Political economy of tax reforms, European Economy Discussion Paper 25 (2016)

Hearing at the Italian Parliament within the discussion of Jobs Act 29/4/2015

"ELENA: “Experimenting flexible Labour tools for Enterprises by eNgaging men And women,” (2017) Report. Project with Department of Equal Opportunities. European Commission, DG Justice

“The determinants of gender gaps” (with A. Casarico) (2015), CESifo Economics Studies, special issue 61(1). With an introduction to the volume.

“Women mean business and economic growth” (2015), Report. Project with Department of Equal Opportunities. European Commission, DG Justice.

Main features of tax systems in Latin American countries (2014) with S. Scabrosetti. Il Politico

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“Gli Effetti Distributivi delle Politiche Pubbliche in una Prospettiva di Ciclo Vitale”, (1997), Economia Pubblica


Conferences, seminars and talks (RECENT)

Keynote speech "Understanding gender gaps in decision-making" ASEPELT annual conference, 21/6/2024

Keynote speech "Women politics and policies" EUI Schuman Center, 18/6/2024

Keynote speech "The beneficial effects of inclusive leadership" EDI Eccellenze D'Impresa, Borsa Italiana, 5/6/2024

Workshop "Gender norms, sexual harassment and labor market" EUI. Presentation of "The Bystander issue: why do we take the harassers' side?" with Caroline Coly, Almudena Sevilla and Margaux Suteau, 17/5/2024

International Conference on Gender and Sustainability, "Board gender quotas", Turin, 24/4/2024

Round table "Women, work, fertility", International Festival on Gender Economics, Rai, Rome, 17/4/2024.

Round table "Women and the labor market", Parma Green week, Festival on green economy, Parma 6/4/2024 

Pact for Future, Bocconi 26/3/2024

Public panel "women in the workplace" LSE 13/3/2024

Round-table "Certificare la parità di genere" Aldai 22/2/2024

Conclusive remarks "Dammi un 5" Bologna 29/11/2023

Round-table "Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice" (H&M) 28/11/2023

Invited talk, "Closing the gender gap", La Repubblica, 27/11/2023

Invited seminar "Who cares about childcare?" OECD, Paris, 24/11/2023

Invited Seminar, "Family culture and childcare", Paris School of Economics, 23/11/2023

StrongHER TogetHER, SDA Bocconi 22/11/2023

Platform of Diversity Charters, Opening speaker on Diversity and Inclusion, Milan 13/11/2023

Bocconi Inclusion Week 11-17 November 2023

ReWritersFest "Parità di genere e imprenditorialità femminile", Roma 13/10/2023

Round-table "Climate change as a gender/age agenda", Dolomite conference on the Global Governance of Climate Change, Trento 5/10/2023

Discussant, "Women, work and economic growth", Bank of Italy 23/6/2023

Round-table "Towards a gender balance in executive positions, the French Rixain law" SDA Bocconi 8/6/2023

Organizer, workshop "Gender and politics" Bocconi University 24/5/2023

Diversity day, Bocconi University 24/5/2023

Round-table: Gender equality, AHK camera di commercio italo-germanica, 22/5/2023

Kick-off conference "Age-IT" spoke 7, speaker 15/5/2023

Civil week, speaker, Museo della scienza e della tecnica, Milano, 6/5/2023

Invited seminar "Think-manager Think male. Unconscious discrimination in the workplace " (with M. Ronchi and L. Spadavecchia), ISER University of Essex 3/5/2023

Panel: "Tre idee per l'Italia" - Bocconi and Repubblica Affari & Finanza, 20/3/2023

Round-table "Women in Social and Public Policy Research Hub- Launch Event" LSE, London 8/3/2023

Invited seminar "Unconscious discrimination in the workplace " (with M. Ronchi and L. Spadavecchia), New York University Abu Dhabi 24/2/2023

Invited seminar "Unconscious discrimination in the workplace" (with M. Ronchi and L. Spadavecchia), University of Hohenheim 23/11/2022 

Invited speaker, Tortuga think tank conference, 19/11/2022

Invited speaker, ESG roundtable, Nextalia 16/11/2022

Keynote speech "Il valore della diversità" Fortune Italia, Most Powerful women event, 14/11/2022

Invited speaker, Annual Conference Science for Peace and Health, 11/11/2022

Invited seminar "Unconscious discrimination in the workplace" (with M. Ronchi and L. Spadavecchia), Uppsala University Department of Economics 8/11/2022 

Invited webinar "Smart-working: work flexibility without constraints", University of Florida Applied Microeconomic seminars 22/9/2022

Italian Association of Public Economics Annual Meeting, L'Aquila Presentation of "Family culture and childcare policies" 15/9/2022

Invited speaker, round-table on "Gender Equality and Public Policy", Italian Association of Public Economics Annual Meeting, L'Aquila 15/9/2022

Invited speaker, Il Tempo delle Donne (round-table "Rispetto"), Corriere della Sera- 27 esima Ora, Milano Triennale 10/9/2022

Keynote speaker, "Gender equality, women's empowerment and public policy", Workshop in Gender and Family Economics, Cergy Paris 23/6/2022

Invited speaker, presentation of "Family culture and childcare policies", Workshop on The Economics of Culture and Institutions, Vaxholm-Stockholm 16/6/2022

Invited speaker, "La certificazione della parità di genere" SDA Bocconi, PWN 14/6/2022

Invited speaker, "Il futuro della scienza delle finanze", Riunione Intermedia Siep, Roma 9/6/2022

Invited speaker, "Parola chiave: Diversità" Festival Internazionale dell'Economia, Torino 2/6/2022

Keynote speaker, Interdisciplinary workshop Max Weber Program: Causality across social sciences, European University Institute, 23/5/2022

Invited speaker, "Parità di genere e politiche pubbliche" Festival del Merito, Collegio Ghislieri, Pavia, 22/5/2022

Invited Seminar "Smart-working: work flexibility without constraints" IHEID Graduate Institute Geneve, 17/5/2022

Invited Seminar "Smart-working: work flexibility without constraints" IEB Universitat Barcelona, 10/5/2022

Keynote Lecture: "Gender equality, women's empowerment and public policy", Msc Economics and Development, University of Florence, 27/04/2022

Russel Sage College, Institute for Women's Policy Research, conference on Women Leadership in America and Europe, presentation of "Do board gender quotas Matter?", 22/4/2022

Conference on work-life balance, Council of Europe, speaker 12/4/2022

European Public Choice Society Annual Meeting, Braga (Portugal) Presentation of "Gender differences in political budget cycles"  11/4/2022

Erasmus University, Tinbergen Institute invited seminar "Smart-working: work flexibility without constraints", 25/3/2022

Lectio Magistralis, L'Organizzazione inclusiva. Este. Milano, Palazzo delle Stelline, 17/3/2022

Fortune Italia - MPW in Finance 16/3/2022

"La parità di genere nell'economia italiana" opening talk, LCA "la certificazione della parità di genere" 11/3/2022

"Women and Jobs" Tra i Leoni, event with Bocconi students 8/3/2022

"Quanto vale l'occupazione femminile per il futuro del Paese",Senato della Repubblica, 8/3/2022

Gender Equality: Challenges ahead. From she-cession to she-recovery, Bocconi University 7/3/2022

T-Essere, Il lavoro in ottica di parità di genere 23/2/2022

Cassa Forense, "il divario reddituale". Tavola rotonda. Roma, 3/2/2022

UCL Social Research Quantitative Social Science seminar series, invited seminar 19/1/2022 Presentation of "Smart working. Work flexibility without constraints"

Seminario AIDP "Gender pay gap"  15/12/2021

Forum democratico del canavese "Parità di genere e politiche pubbliche" 13/12/2021

Quarta Conferenza nazionale sulla famiglia, coordinatrice e relatrice di "Il lavoro in ottica di parità di genere", Roma 3/12/2021

Enwe: first step to the top, invited speaker, Milan 2/12/2021

Spotlight on Women in politics, Women in Business - Bocconi student Association, 1/12/2021

Rinascita digitale, intervista, 19/11/2021

Bookcity, Libreria Egea, "Lo spazio pubblico delle donne" 18/11/2021

Conference on Diversity and Inclusion in Economics, Finance and central Banking, organized by Bank of Canada, Bank of England, European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Board. Presentation of "Do women matter in Monetary policy boards?" 9/11/2021

European Parliament, FEMM, Presentation of the study "COVID-19 and its economic impact on women and women's poverty" 28/10/2021

Sandra Bruni Mattei Lecture, Collegio Nuovo, Pavia, "Donne e Crescita economica" 27/10/2021

European Parliament, ECON Committee, Gender Equality Week, Statement on "COVID-19, recovery and gender equality" 26/10/2021

Festival "L'eredità delle donne" 2021, round-table 24/10/2021

"Educazione finanziaria: la sfida per i giovani e le donne", Università Bocconi, round-table 21/10/2021

Family Economy week, "Women Power: women are THE pillar of the new economy" round-table 21/10/2021

PWA Conference, "People, planet and prosperity", round-table 20/10/2021

Lezione, Collegio Mazza di Verona, "Donne e economia" 18/10/2021

Festival della Diplomazia, Roma, "COVID -19 ed Empowerment femminile: non si torna indietro" round-table 14/10/2021

Coordinamento donne ACLI, Roma, "Donne, lavoro e pandemia", round-table 13/10/2021

Conferenza Soroptimist "La favola delle api", Milano, 25/9/2021

Budapest Pension Seminar 2021, presentation of the paper "Pension Gender Gaps", 23/9/2021

SIEP conference 2021, "Rebellion, rascals and revenues", round-table 17/9/2021

Political Economy workshop, Ruhr-Bochum University, presentation of the paper "Gender differences in political budget cycles", 10/9/2021

LISER, Luxembourg "The effects of COVID on gender equality" Interview 2/9/2021

G20 Women's empowerment, Santa Margherita Ligure, Statement on gender equality and women's empowerment, 26/8/2021 

European Economic Association, WinE committee, coordination of small group sessions, 22/8/2021

Forum in Previdenza, Cassa Dottori Commercialisti, Roma, "Non c'è più il futuro di una volta. Disegnare e costruire il welfare di domani" round-table 14/7/2021

International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP), Barcelona, "Covid-19 and gender inequality", round-table, 9/7/2021

Women in space, Bocconi students' conference, round-table 11/6/2021

Professione finanza "Parità di genere e politiche pubbliche", 8/7/2021

Workshop eBay, round-table 5/7/2021

NIPFP-IIPF International Conference on “Papers in Public Finance” June 29-30, 2021, New Delhi

Becton Dickinson "Uguaglianza di genere e crescita economica" 10/6/2021

Alix Partners with SDA Bocconi "Women in business" 9/6/2021

Festival dell'Economia di Trento, "Disparità di genere epolitiche pubbliche", round-table 5/6/2021

SUERF-OeNB-JVI conference "Gender, Money and Finance", presentation of "Women and monetary policy", 20/5/2021

University of Jena, Invited seminar, presentation of "Gender differences in political decision-making" 12/5/2021

Equinet, Invited speaker, presentation on "Board gender quotas in Italy", 10/5/2021

SNA, "Parità di genere e politiche pubbliche", 4/5/2021

European Public Choice SOciety, keynote speaker on "Gender equality in political decision-making", 22/4/2021

US Consulate in Milan, "Women in leadership: the power of change", round-table, 15/4/2021

Bracco Talks, lecture on gender equality and women's empowerment 31/3/2021

Axa Research Lab on Gender Equality, Bocconi, "Gender equality on decision making positions: assessing progress", round-table 9/3/2021

Commissione Finanze di Camera e Senato, Public hearing on the tax reform, 22/2/2021

UniCredit, ESG group, presentation of "Gender differences in COVID19 related attitudes and behavior" 20/1/2021


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Più ragazze nelle stem priorità del Paese Corriere Economia 7/3/2024

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Il primo impegno deve essere per le giovani Molto- Il Messaggero 23/1/2023

Gender Equality in Italy and board gender quotas, Nikkei (Japan) (12/2022)

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Gli stereotipi di genere tra le ragazze e i lavori del futuro Il Sole 24 Ore 11/2/2021

I ritardi culturali che tengono le donne lontane dal colle (con N. Mangini) Il Sole 24 Ore 14/1/2021

E' stato un decennio di rinnovamento nei CDA delle quotate Il Sole 24 Ore 6/7/2021

Finalmente anche i maschi riconoscono che le donne sono troppo discriminate (con T. Ferrario) Il Sole 24 Ore 15/6/2021

Scuole chiuse, una trappola per il lavoro femminile (con V. Galasso) Corriere della Sera 8/3/2021

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Parità di genere: il rosa di facciata non serve mai Il Sole 24 Ore 27/2/2021

Quel picco nel lockdown: +120% di richieste di aiuto (con R.J.Shama) Corriere della Sera 25/11/2020

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Donne e lavoro: i nodi da sciogliere with F. Cerniglia, L.Golfo and P. Mascaro, Corriere della Sera 31/5/2020

Il coronavirus sia una chance per cambiare passo Il Sole 24 Ore 7/3/2020

Perché lo smart-working diventa ancora più utile Il Sole 24 Ore 25/2/2020

Dall'Europa un esempio e una nuova agenda Il Sole 24 Ore 1/1/2020

Nuove istituzioni dalla prospettiva di genere Il Sole 24 Ore 10/12/2019

La rivoluzione incompita delle donne ai vertici aziendali Il Sole 24 ore 20/9/2018 (editoriale)

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