Working Papers 

Nonparametric Estimation of Sponsored Search Auctions and Impacts of Ad Quality on Search Revenue  Cemmap working paper CWP05/23, CESifo Working Paper No. 10312 

with Dongwoo Kim, (Simon Fraser University)

Estimation of Bidder's Latent Value in Sequential English Auctions with Uncertainty in Future Supply, working paper draft

with Kyoo il Kim (Michigan State University) and Haoyang Li (SHUFE)

This paper proposes a new method to identify and estimate the bidder's latent value in sequential English auctions, with an independent private value paradigm. We show that partial identification of latent value distribution is possible with minimal assumption without imposing equilibrium strategies. We further show how the method can be applied in previously unexplored auction market conditions such as the case of uncertainty about the number of auctions held in the future. We apply the method to data from used car auctions.  

Dynamic Game with Multidimensional Type: The Case of Carbon-Credit Market CESifo Working Paper No. 9978

with Thomas D. Jeitschko (Michigan State University)

Quality Differentiation and Optimal Pricing Strategy in Multi-sided Markets  CESifo Working Paper No. 9267 

with Soo Jin Kim (Bank of Canada

Work in Progress  

       with Anjana Sursarla