Photo Gallery

Occasionally, we get out of the lab and do some team-bonding. Check out some of our adventures! And visit our Facebook page to follow us along the way. 

Megan - "adventures in gel"

Mechanisms of Aging Conference at Cold Spring Harbor (2022) - finally a conference post-pandemic!

We are enjoying all that Whistler has to offer during the February 2019 Keystone Symposium on Long non-coding RNA meeting! 

We had a blast this weekend participating in the American Heart Association Chicago 2018 Metro Chicago Heart Walk with the whole Loyola Medicine team!

Commencement 2018! Congrats to Andie and Audrey for their accomplishments!

During our trip to Keystone, Colorado we made a pitstop at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater!

Loyola's Annual St Albert's Day Celebration! We can't resist a photo booth! 

Celebrating birthdays is very important to us! On this lab lunch we were joined by some of our neighbors and friends from the Kirk lab.

We love skiing!

Commencement 2016 - Congrats to Drs Pinceti and Shults!

Chun describes his poster to a group of curious attendees at SfN 2016 in San Diego!

Cold Spring Harbor meetings are a great place for learning and lobster!

SfN 2015 in our own backyard!

The Cardiovascular Research Institute supports heart health with the American Heart Association and a very hot heart walk!

At SfN 2016, Andie sat on a press conference panel to discuss our research into heritable changes following parental alcohol exposure.