Board of Directors:

Jeanne Hendrickson (Rep. Monterey Bay 99's) - Chairman

Theresa Byers (Rep. Experimental  Aircraft Association) - Secretary

Ashley Hendrickson (Rep. Community-at-Large) - Treasurer

Christine Swannack (Rep. Community-at-Large) - Board

The Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Watsonville, California. The idea for an aviation scholarship program sponsored by local businesses, residents, and aviation groups was conceived by former Watsonville Municipal Airport manager, Don French. Through his efforts and nurturing, the idea developed into an incorporated organization in the summer of 2000. The directors represent various aviation groups in the Pajaro Valley, as well as members from the community-at-large.

Being a non-profit allows the organization to solicit and accept tax deductible contributions from private citizens and businesses in the community, thereby perpetuating the source of funding for the scholarship programs.

The Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy will continue to fund various scholarships, in basic and advanced flight training, aircraft maintenance, and other aviation endeavors, as long as funding from community businesses and private individuals continues. Naturally, this is a great opportunity for interested individuals and businesses to invest in our local youth and give them an opportunity to "fly". PVAA is merely a conduit through which the community can support, motivate, and encourage interested youth to advance themselves.