Speakers and their talks

Alexandra Deschamps Sonsino, iotwatch

Artificially Intelligent (video)

Alexander Chen, Google

Teachable Machine (video)

Azeem Azhar, Exponential View

Is the future of work artisanal cheese?

Cennydd Bowles, Cennydd Bowles

Persuasive Futures (video)

Cliff Kuang, FastCo Design

Designing for Trust (video)

Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research

Enriching the World with Artefacts and Algorithms (video)

Dan Hill, Arup Digital Studio

The Infrastructure of Everyday Life

Patrick Hebron, New York University

A Unified Tool for the Education of Humans and Machines (video)

Sarah Gold, projectbyIF

Trust and digital rights in learned systems (video)

Simone Stumpf, Centre for HCI Design

How to design for intelligibility of smart systems (video)

with introductory notes by Jeremiah Harmsen, Jess Holbrook, Fernanda ViƩgas from Google