PAIR UX Symposium 2018

The Human Side of AI

How do humans and AI work together? How can AI benefit everyone?

Welcome to our People + AI Research Initiative UX Symposium at Google, a forum to discuss pressing topics in human + AI interaction. We're bringing together academics, researchers and artists to discuss model interpretability, augmented intelligence, inclusivity and human–AI collaboration.

March 20, 2018 #pairuxzurich

Interested in seeing what happened at our PAIR Symposium held last year in Cambridge?

Check out the website.

All 2017 speaker videos are available on this PAIR Symposium YouTube playlist and linked individually on the site.

Alexandra Deschamps Sonsino, iotwatch

Alexander Chen, Google

Teachable Machine

Azeem Azhar, Exponential View

Is the future of work artisanal cheese?

Cennydd Bowles, Cennydd Bowles

Persuasive Futures

Cliff Kuang, FastCo Design

Designing for Trust

Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research

Enriching the World with Artefacts and Algorithms

Dan Hill, Arup Digital Studio

The Infrastructure of Everyday Life

Patrick Hebron, New York University

A Unified Tool for the Education of Humans and Machines

Sarah Gold, projectbyIF

Trust and digital rights in learned systems

Simone Stumpf, Centre for HCI Design

How to design for intelligibility of smart systems

with introductory notes by Jeremiah Harmsen, Jess Holbrook, Fernanda Viégas from Google

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