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Ennio De Giorgi

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Refereed Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Publications

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Refereed Conference Publications

5. B. Adcock, S. Brugiapaglia, N. Dexter, S. Moraga. Learning High-Dimensional Hilbert-Valued Functions With Deep Neural Networks From Limited Data. Proceedings of the AAAI 2021 Spring Symposium on Combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Physical Sciences. Stanford, CA, USA, 2021.

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Other Conference Publications

1. B. Adcock, S. Brugiapaglia, M. King-Roskamp. Iterative and greedy algorithms for the sparsity in levels model in compressed sensing. Proceedings of the Conference "SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications", San Diego, California, US, 2019. [DOI]


3. COmpRessed SolvING: Sparse Approximation of PDEs based on Compressed Sensing. Ph.D. thesis, Politecnico di Milano, 2016. (Advisors: S. Perotto and S. Micheletti) [ResearchGate]

2. Problemi non lineari agli autovalori per l'analisi della stabilità di equazioni differenziali con ritardo. M.Sc. thesis, University of Pisa, 2012. (Advisor: L. Gemignani) []

1. Gli schemi di suddivisione: analisi della convergenza nel caso univariato stazionario. B.Sc. thesis, University of Pisa, 2010. Advisor: D. Bini. []