Also coming soon to Packet Recovery is the latest in cryptocurrency technology. We will announce the system for you to send us money and we will send you some random letters and numbers back. The transaction is final and there are no returns. Update: This plan will roll-out with the introduction of the Premium Performance Payment per Packet Plan (PPPpPP). Internet paid by the packet!

R.P.R. (Real Packet recovery)

Our research division is developing new technologies to recover other physical packets. Some of our favorites include classics such as ketchup and mustard. We are proud to be inclusive of all types of packets.

IPv7 and IPv9

Coming soon to Packet Recovery is the unveiling of our new proprietary IPv7 and IPv9 technology. Many networks are struggling to implement the older and antiquated IPv6 or even IPv4 technology. Here at Packet Recovery we are hard at work on the next generation of the next generation IPv7 and IPv9 technology. Where is IPv8 you may ask? Well seven ate[eight] nine!

Hardware News

We will soon announce our first hardware product to help you focus on Packet Recovery wellness. You may have heard about the magnetic ion bracelets for your personal wellness. We've learned how to harness this snake oil technology into the Packet Recovery System.

Packet Recovery Auditing

We're proud to announce the famed auditing firm Arthur Andersen to perform oversight for our recovery operations. If we run into issues we will then employ them for our shredding operations.