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Tue 11/19/19 Pack MeetingTue 12/03/19 Service Project (Feed My Starving Children)Tue 12/10/19 Den Meeting (All Dens)Thu 12/12/19 Imagination Fair Food Sales Sat 12/14/19 Volunteering for Project My Neighborhood eventTue 01/07/20 Den Meeting (Lions, Tigers)Tue 01/14/20 Den Meeting (Wolves, Bears, Webelos)Tue 01/21/20 Pack MeetingSat 01/25/20 Polar Cubs

About US

Where are your Cub Scouts from?

Pack 207 is the official Cub Scout group of Tanglen, Eisenhower Elementary and Xinxing Academy. We are also designated by the Mustang Scout District as the Pack to serve Agamin Classical Academy and Blake Lower School in Hopkins. We have some members from Alice Smith and Isla Schools because they live nearby.

While it is not mandatory that the students of our schools only go to Pack 207, high participation rate in Scouting can only be achieved when the students of the same schools team together. The Scout Association encourages the Packs to focus on the assigned schools for their membership base for long term success.

Where and when do you meet and what kind of facility is it?

We meet on Tuesdays at St. David's Episcopal Church, located at the southwestern corner of Minnetonka Boulevard & Shady Oak Road on St. Davids Road. We are 5 minutes away from Tanglen and Eisenhower-Xinxing.

Our Pack meetings and special events are held in a 5,000 square feet big room, equipped with a commercial kitchen. There are conference room, community room, activities rooms and a library we can use for our Den meetings and adult meetings. We do a lot of activities outside in the beautiful four-season grounds.

What grades are your Scouts? Can girls join?

We welcome both boys and girls of all grades. Kindergarteners join the Lion Den and move up to our Scout Troop 207 (click link for more info) after 5th grade.

What is so special about your Pack?

Scout Troop/Pack 207 has been serving the Hopkins-Minnetonka Community since 1927, making us one of the oldest continuously active Scout organizations in this part of the country. We are a mid-size, very organized and active Pack. We take the Cub Scout program seriously that all requirements must be completed by the end of each Scout year for every rank. We pay attention to individual Scouts to assure that they achieve their goals, develop good character, and have fun.

The leadership of our Scout group has many years of Scouting and business experiences. Everything functions in an orderly manner. Many adult leaders remain as volunteers in the Pack/Troop and the Scout District years after their Scouts had graduated. Our Scout group is also a community for the parents to enjoy fellowship and to contribute. Over the years, our excellent support system enabled over 100 youths to achieve the rank of Eagle Scouts.

I want to volunteer as a Den Leader for my child's team, do you provide any training?

You can receive coaching from our existing adult leadership. There is free on-line training for any Scouting subjects and leadership positions. The Pack also encourage and pay for all expenses for volunteers to attend training classes, such as the monthly District Roundtable and the twice-a-year University of Scouting.

What are the child-safety measures that Scouting organizations are taking?

Many measures are in place and strictly enforced, which can be summarized in our Youth Protection Training (YPT) program. All registered adult leaders are required to obtain the YPT Certificate before submitting their application for the volunteer positions. In our Pack, we encourage the primary participating parent(s) to also obtain the certificate so that we all are on the same page.

How to join or find out more?

email: tel/text: 612.389.1200

Cubmaster Chris email: Pack 207 Cubmaster

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