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Pacific Dive Training, the next evolution in SCUBA training. Just like DoorDash™ and Amazon™ we are taking SCUBA training into the modern age, bringing it to you and making SCUBA fit your schedule. Our custom classes are built by you to fit your life, in a comfortable safe environment using a mix of Self study, video workshop and real life, hands on practice. We are revolutionizing modern SCUBA training. We are not just a shop that is here to sell gear - We teach our students the "What's? How's? Why's? of SCUBA gear." We don't provide some "Click Through" e-Learning, we take the time and provide interactive web supported systems that build on proven self-study learning techniques.

Orange County Scuba Training

All of our instructors are Certified PADI Professionals with years of dive experience. Founded in 1966, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors is the industry leader in dive education and certification.

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Entry Level course, this is where you start. This course is 2 to 3 weeks in duration, and features online workshops, the Open Water Course book, and an interactive Online classroom experience. Our course is flexible and fits your schedule. After completion of the self study and online workshops you will join your experienced professional dive instructor, who will start you on the adventure of becoming a California Diver.


Congratulations, you're a certified diver! Now, lets build those skills and master your technique. In our continuing education programs, we will help you perfect your skills and increase your knowledge. This program offers an assortment of fun and exciting experiences and courses offered nowhere else by experienced instructors who know their stuff!


Become a Diving Professional!

Pacific Dive Training offers the best professional level training in SoCal. Our team of experienced teaching professionals will take you to the ranks of professional, and give you the skills, tools, and knowledge to be the best. Becoming a professional opens a new world of possibilities and experiences, and lets you guide and teach others.


We offer diver support services!

Rental Gear

Service and Repair Air Fill's

Led Dives & The SCUBA Gym

SCUBA Gym is here to help our divers develop their skills and abilities. All divers must have a "Basic" level of skill and an Advanced Level Certification. Divers immerse themselves in the wonder and majesty of California's wild ocean with dives designed to challenge the diver and build their skills and experience. Together with your "Coach" who will mentor you and polish your dive skills building you into an impressive world diver. SCUBA GYM Members also get a Great 50% off Dives and special Gear and Workshop pricing. Choose your dives from the calendar!

SCUBA GYM Info and to signup - CLICK HERE

Led Dive are available, you and your Dive Master doing the dives California was made for! 1 dive with your own dive pro.

Led Dive