Information Provision, Voter Coordination, and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from Mexican Social Networks. American Political Science Review, 113(2), May 2019: 475-498.

with Eric Arias, Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall, and Pablo Querubín

Local Elites as State Capacity: How City Chiefs Use Local Information to Increase Tax Compliance in the D.R. Congo. American Economic Review, 112(3): 762–797. [CEPR Working Paper] [Link to Publisher]

with Augustin Bergeron, Gabriel Tourek, and Jonathan Weigel

Media coverage: [VoxDev]

The Political Behavior of Family Firms: Evidence from Brazil. World Development, 151, March 2022. [Link to Publisher]

with Juan Dodyk and Ignacio Puente

Working Papers

Informal Institutions, Property Rights, and State Capacity

Property Rights and Social Dependence: How Informal Institutions Shape Land Formalization in Weak States.

with Augustin Bergeron, Gabriel Tourek, and Jonathan Weigel

Media coverage: [EGAP]

Fiscal Contracts? : A Six-Country Randomized Experiment on Transaction Costs, Public Services, and Taxation In Developing Countries. Under review

with Ana de la O, Donald Green, and 23 other coauthors

Family, Politics, and Capitalism

Kin in the Game: How Family Ties Help Firms Overcome Campaign Finance Regulation

with Juan Dodyk and Ignacio Puente

Work in Progress

Natural Disasters and Parochial Cooperation: Evidence from Hurricane Harvey [Preliminary results available]

with Pablo Pinto and Agustín Vallejo

Political Brokerage as a Profession [In the field]with Tesalia Rizzo

Social Networks Moderate Policy Coercion

with Mauricio Fernández-Duque and Horacio Larreguy