Play P3nto!

Part Logic Puzzle, Part Word Game

P3nto: A Different Kind of Word Game

Do you prefer word games that challenge the intellect instead of the thumbs? Want to be able to play against a world-class opponent whenever you'd like? How about a word game that's not only super-fun to play, but also one that will exercise your powers of logic and can actually make you smarter?

P3nto is all of these things. It's a two-player word game that provides you with clues to help you uncover your opponent's secret word. Specifically, each player chooses a five-letter word from a large list which becomes their secret word, then they alternate taking turns at guessing the other's word. The app will tell you how many letters you got right and in the correct position, but not which letters; that's for you to determine, by carefully selecting your guesses based on the app's responses to your previous guesses.

For example, if my secret word is stars and you guess artsy, the app would respond with a 0, because your guess did not contain any of the letters in stars which were in the correct position. However, if you had guessed shack, then the app would respond with a 2 (the "s" and the "a" are in the same positions).

If P3nto sounds rather difficult to play and you like the game Wordle, then play in Wordle mode. When playing in Wordle mode, whenever you guess a word that contains letters that are in the same position as the app's secret word, the letters will be displayed. P3nto will also tell you how many letters your guess contains that are in the app's secret word but not in the same position, but unlike Wordle, you won't be shown which letters, thus making P3nto more challenging. Playing in Wordle mode typically leads to shorter games and more wins for you!

What languages does P3nto support?

Currently, you may play P3nto in English, French, German or Spanish, with more supported languages to come, depending on user demand.

Who can I play against?

You may play against the app or other people. In addition, there is a Practice mode during which you are the only player and a Short game mode, in which you are shown in advance one or two letters, depending on your rating, of the apps word. No rating points (see below) are awarded when you win a game in Practice mode, but points are awarded when winning a short game.

What do I get when I win a match?

Each time a game is completed, the winner is awarded rating points and the loser loses points. The number of points won and lost is explained on the Rules page, which is displayed by selecting the Rules icon (in red) at the top of the Lobby page:

How do I get P3nto?

Android users:

Download P3nto from Google Play.

iOS users:

Download P3nto from the App Store. Please note that the current iOS version of P3nto does not support Wordle mode, but a new version of P3nto for iOS is currently under development that will support it.

Is there a Help page for P3nto?

Yes. The P3nto Users Group is a Google Group where you can ask questions and answer questions posted by other members. Also, announcements regarding the app will be posted here first.

Please report bugs directly to