Ozan Kara Personal Website

About Me

I'm a Graduate Student,

Teaching and Research Assistant

at KOC University, Turkey.

I have received my bachelor degree at

Istanbul Technical University

Astronautical Engineering Department

Research Interests

Global Health - Disease Identification

Hybrid Rocket Propulsion

Mars Ascent Vehicle Design

Small Satellite Interplanetary Mission Design

MEMS Fabrication


Space Generation Advisory Council

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

International Astronautical Federation

European Space Awareness

Other Interests

Knowledge Management

Space Education

Human Behaviors in Space

Space Solar Power Satellites


Analog Photography

Plays Tennis and Volleyball

Be Careful knows Kick-box

Ice Skating

Harmonica and Drawing

Books in Progress

"Over the Human Life:

Essays on Daily Experiences and Feelings”

“Space Awareness and Human Issues”