Dan Patch

Community Festival

September 6 - 8, 2019

Oxford, Indiana


Dan Patch Community Festival is held annually in honor of the world famous pacer who was foaled in Oxford, Indiana to owner Daniel Messner, Jr.

Dan Patch was a long-legged, wobbly, awkward colt with knobby knees - the colt even required assistance to stand to nurse. Many of Messner's friends encouraged him to have the colt put out of his misery. Instead the colt was nurtured and trained to be a pacer.. And the rest is history.

We hope this website will provide you with the information you seek about participating in or visiting the Dan Patch Community Festival in Oxford, Indiana.

For more information on the Great Dan Patch, please visit the Dan Patch Historical Society or the Indiana Historical Society.

2019 Dan Patch Community Festival

Committee Members

Karen Ahlbrand

Gigi Sims

Tina Gardner

Judy Solomon

Diana Brown

Suzanne Muller

Kasey Muller

Kelsie Muller

Ashley Bice

Chris Sheetz

Shane Johnson

Tim Richey

Alexis Brummett

Dan Patch Community Festival Events Calendar

Schedule subject to change.

Where is Oxford, Indiana?

Oxford is located in Benton County in west central Indiana. Below are directions from different areas.

From the North: (Chicago)

  • Use I-65 S or US-41 S

From the South: (Indianapolis)

  • Use I-65 N or I-74 W

From the East: (Ft. Wayne)

  • Use US-24 W, IN-25 and US-52W

From the West: (Champaign)

  • Use I-74 E, IN-63 N, and US-41 N

For more information about Oxford visit the city website.