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Welcome to the Conference on College Composition and Communication's Online Writing Instruction Standing Group! 

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What is a CCCC Standing Group?

The Conference on College Composition and Communication supports scholarly communities by recognizing a variety of member groups, including special interest groups (SIGs) and standing groups (SGs). Communities like ours can apply for standing group status, which means that the convention provides us with a space for our annual face-to-face meeting and grants us a designated panel or workshop at the conference. In turn, we provide annual updates to CCCC leadership. 

To learn more, visit the CCCC Member Group's website 

What is the OWI Standing Group? 

The CCCC OWI Community has long promoted research in online writing instruction and support for hybrid and online instructors. Our group’s members include leading scholars in areas critical to OWI: accessibility, multimodal writing, hybrid writing instruction, working with multilingual writers, user design, assessment, contingent labor equity, teacher preparation and mentoring, program development, and much more. 

Just as important as our research is our nature as an inclusive, welcoming group. Our expertise attracts newcomers to our workshops and panels; our sense of community inspires newcomers to join our standing group. Cultivating this sense of community is crucial to our mission to advise CCCC members on OWI research, effective practices, and emerging trends. Part of the way that we do this is by staying connected to each other throughout the year through ongoing projects and active working groups.

To learn more, read the letter from our standing group chair, Jennifer Cunningham

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