Overall Farms

Conscientious agriculture:

Creating healthy land, plants, and animals

Producing nutritious food

Sold for a reasonable price.

OVERALL, it's just good farming.

Overall Farms is a family owned and operated business run by Bryan and Lara Bailey. We work in partnership with Lara's step-dad and mother, Don and Nancy Hayden, and with our long-term family friend, T.E. Bullington. Beef cattle, laying hens, and an orchard are maintained on multiple properties in the area of Bowling Green and Smiths Grove, Kentucky.

The name of our business has multiple meanings. As you will quickly learn through examining our website, we DO frequently wear overalls as they are practical and durable for our daily farm labor.

In addition, our name is descriptive of our goals. Lara and Bryan began Overall Farms with the hope of working in a mutually beneficial partnership with family members and a family friend who have all been farming long-term and that will reap rewards for all of our overall benefit--relationally, physically, and spiritually. Working alongside our more experienced relatives, we have the opportunity to learn about the land, animals, and crops that they have each worked with for forty years or more. And, although Lara and Bryan have no doubt that they get much more from these partnerships than they give, they are able to offer a familiarity with technology, organic methods of production, and nutrition to the mix..

But, most importantly, our name is indicative of our commitment to farm in a way that benefits the overall good. We desire to utilize farming methods that reflect responsible stewardship of the land, plants, and animals and that takes into account not merely short-term benefits but also the long-term impact of our farming methods. Furthermore, we care about our customers' overall well-being. This means taking into account the way that our food affects your long-term physical and financial health.