Outlook Login

Now, you have to check out the outlook.com sign in and web mail access for the best mail access experience and secures mail storage and clod storage for free and follow our guide below to login to the outlook email.

What is Outlook email?

Outlook is a free, personal email service from Microsoft. It has inbox clutter free with powerful organizational tools,and collaborate easily with the Mail exchange server.

It is a One account for all things Microsoft manages and When you set up your Microsoft account across your devices and services, the things that matter most to you like people, documents, photos, and settings and you can follow on whatever devices you're using.


Microsoft account lets you flow freely from task to task and make the most of every moment. It not only gives you access to Microsoft services, but also makes them work together in a way that's all about you.

Outlook.com Sign In

Security is the most Important feature of any mail organization and Outlook has taken care at utmost in this aspect. Users need to give a strong password with a combination of Alphabets, special characters and numbers to authenticate.


How to login Outlook.com email, 2-step security

Please follow the below instructions :

  • Open any browser from your computer.

  • Click here to open the outlook login page - Login Here

  • We have additional security setup as two step verification method where it boosts account security by making it more difficult for hackers to sign in and even if they know or guess your password.

  • In the first step it asks your password as mentioned above and in the next step an extra security code is sent to your phone number or an alternative email address.

Outlook Login Password guidelines:

  • It should contain eight characters long.

  • It should contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • It should not have username, real name or company name.

  • It should not contain a single word.

  • It should significantly different from previous passwords.

  • It should not be the same password you use on other web sites, such as for online banking or other email accounts.

  • Security is one of the most important aspect and when you are in situation where you need to change your password as part of security,Here is process.

  • Enter into the mail account as above mentioning your account name and password.

  • Go to the right corner of the mail site where it displays your email account name and click it.

  • You have a drop down list where it has an option view account.

  • Click on view account and go to Security tab.

  • Click on How to Change password tab to change it and use a strong password to change it often.

  • Follow the below guidelines for the outlook.com mail account to change your password

Sign in with outlook for the first time


This is your dashboard you can able to find this after you login into you outlook.com account for the first time and check out the account settings and the privacy settings here for free.