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This website gives a name to the non-group of people who support the transformation of schools:

"Teachers who made an impact on students who became innovators were all outliers. They taught differently than their peers." SEE THE VIDEO

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Getting into a good university is not a guarantee of getting a good job

Schools are obsolete. They need to be reinvented.

What are the knowledge, skills and attitudes that our students need to succeed and prepare for the future? In different

Create a high school diploma that is a certificate of mastery of skills, not seat time.

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This website got its name from this paragraph in Tony Wagner's book:

While at Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Tony found himself to be a complete outlier. He was almost constantly at odds with the mainstream of education. He is the first to admit that a doctorate from Harvard is important largely because everyone thinks it’s important.

Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith, Most Likely to Succeed, page 3