Host Family Farm

The 2019 Host Farm • steffens dairy farm

In 1971, Joe Steffens purchased the original farm, which at the time consisted of a 36 stall milking barn and 80 acres. Joe and Lorraine were married in 1972 and later had five children, Joe Jr., Steve, Tim, Dan and Vicky. As the family grew, Joe and Lorraine faithfully worked side-by-side to build a new home, purchase an additional 160 acres of crop land, and build silos, sheds and an addition to the existing barn, growing the farm as well.

In April 2004, Joe passed away from a brain tumor. Lorraine continued to keep the farm running until Steve and Dan made the decision to both leave their full time jobs and join Lorraine on the farm, establishing Steffens Dairy LLC.

Because extensive updates were needed to ensure the farm’s longevity, Lorraine, Steve and Dan became committed to growing the farm once again. In 2016, they built a new 120 free stall barn, equipped with 2 Lely Robotic milkers. This investment allowed the Steffens’ to use new agriculture technology while preserving the family farm, still operating with no outside staff. The improvements also resulted in cleaner, healthier and more comfortable cattle whom freely choose when they wish to be milked.

In 2018, the original barn was renovated and now houses young heifers. Today, Steffens Dairy LLC continues to grow all of their own feed on the 240 acres they own and an addition 45 rented acres.

We work very hard to do our best and are proud of our farm. We are honored to have this opportunity to host Breakfast on The Farm 2019. Our hope is that you can experience some of the joy and satisfaction we get out of our daily life on the farm. Unfortunately, due to the financial struggles plaguing farms across our nation, Wisconsin alone is losing 11 farms every week. We pray that people never take for granted the endless hours of hard labor a farm family spends every day in hopes of making this a better world to live in.

Dan, Lorraine & Steve Steffen