Welcome to REED JHS Challenges!

This is a place for you, to expand your knowledge, learn both funny and important things, share with your classmates and have fun in English class.

Each month we will post Challenges for you to take on. Plan ahead, because a lot are connected to calendar dates. You may want to complete your challenge in advance, so you can present it to your class on a particular date!

Some challenges consist of a short article about an interesting, meaningful or wacky event on the calendar. Next comes an action you must take, with a creative final product. You will share your final product with your class.

Other challenges are webquests where you are guided through research on an interesting topic. You will create a googleslide presentation to share with your class (and us?!)

You and your teacher may choose to submit it to our REED Challenges Google Site. You will be able to browse through other students' projects as well.

What is the goal? To practice your English while having fun and learning something you didn't (or did) know before!

If you are interested in using these challenges, please have your teacher fill in the form below.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

After you've tried a few, make up your own Challenges for the rest of the class! Be sure to share them with us!!! Maybe we'll include them here! Have your teacher send your Challenges to southernreed@gmail.com Include school name, teacher name, and student names.

Do you have products that you want to share on this site? Pictures, clips, posters? Have your teacher send them to us. Note: if there your products have your faces in them, please get permission from your parents to share.