Welcome to the Ouroboros LARP Rulebook!

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This is currently a work in progress and all rules and concepts posted here are still in an alpha state.

Feedback, in the form on constructive criticism, is of course welcome.

Honor System

Our rules are based on the assumption that we can trust all participants to follow the rules and self-enforce the restrictions and guidelines within this rule book. Our main concern as game runners is collaborating to tell a story and not spending our time being referees.

Like any game or sport, our rules are exploitable and vulnerable to cheating and dishonesty. This is true in many LARPs but it is especially true with ours, as we put so much responsibility and game flow in the hands of the players. We’ve never regretted this approach in our other games, as it has created some amazing, player-initiated scenes and stories.

The Spirit of the Rule

We do our best to make our rules easy to understand and to follow. However, we cannot anticipate every conceivable scenario in which a rule can be used. We expect our players to obey the spirit of the rule, not the letter. You may find loopholes that will gain you an unfair advantage. If you find one, please let us know and we will work to correct it. If we receive enough reports of players abusing a part of our rule system, we will remove it. We are not above recognizing a mistake and removing it.

The genre permits us to introduce some fascinating ideas into the rules, but we will not do so at the cost of the game’s integrity. As you can imagine, the more parts of our rule system we remove, the less flexibility and fun you will have with it. This is something we hope to never have to do. We thank you for your honesty and your sense of fair play.

What You See Is What You Get

Using thousands of props, masks and costumes, the creative staff of Ouroboros sets the stage of our game, by transforming everyday buildings and cabins into a village with meeting houses, magical laboratories, soldier barracks, and much more.

There is no need to ask “What do I see before me?” in this WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) game that leaves little to your imagination. With the words “Game on” on Friday night, the fun begins. Townsfolk rush off to attend meetings, suspicious folk hang out in the shadows, adventurers make dangerous treks into the forest, and the staff of Ouroboros begins sending supporting actors (Cast) out to interact with you and your fellow players to provide an enhanced atmosphere or drama and intrigue.


This rule book is not our first foray into writing rules and systems. We have borrowed and adapted from many of our previous projects. Thus, we want to acknowledge all the writers that helped develop the works that we pulled from while working on the Ouroboros rules.

The Melting Point V Rules Revision Team: Dale McClelland, Brian Paul, Kyle Totaro

The Future Imperfect 2 RulesComm: Telmo Correa, Daniel Eltringham, Brian Paul, Eli Stickgold, Jim Waldrop, with additional writing and editing from Steph Tyll