About Me is a fun and stimulating activity book that truly engages young children in educational experiences. Its flexible structure of lessons and activities introduces valuable concepts about the human body and is comprised of 18 lessons, 100+ stickers (hardcopy version only), 50+ activites, and 27 worksheets!


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Reviews for About Me:

"About Me" was a huge hit at our house – for both the kids and me...the crafts in the book aren’t merely for the sake of doing them; they help your child visualize a concept. Plus, there are no hard-to-find materials. The 27 printables included in the book are not your typical worksheet; they are top notch. I’m blown away by how well Our Time to Learn teaches science concepts that are typically saved until elementary school...It is a truly unique resource, unlike anything I’ve seen.
-Anna Geiger, author of "The Measured Mom"

I really appreciated the open and go aspect of this book. The activities are well thought out with a supplies list of everyday items and regular craft supplies. Plus step by step directions including full color photos... the lessons build on each other so children can learn how all the parts of the body are interconnected. A fun book of games, crafts, worksheets, and activities!
-Samantha Soper-Caetano, author of Stir the Wonder

We have had "About Me" in our house for about a week now. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the first thing my 5-year-old daughter asks me about every day, and she wants to return to it several times a day. She loves the activities, the stickers, and the one-on-one time this book provides for us. I love how brilliant it is in its simplicity. The concepts are easy for children to grasp, and rarely does a lesson require enough advanced preparation or materials to prohibit us from doing it right away! We are already eagerly anticipating your next installment. Thank You!!
--Emily Ricks, American Fork, UT

I love the range of About Me. I use it as part of the structure of my preschooler’s homeschool curriculum. But it could also be a resource to tap into for rainy days, afterschool enrichment, or bored Saturdays. The learning ideas are creative and inventive, while the instructions and materials are simple and unintimidating. It guides your discovery together in a satisfying way. I look forward to the next installment!
-- Lori Freitas Houghton, Waite Park, MN

"It has quickly become a favorite part of my 2 little one’s day. My three-year-old son and my six-year-old daughter both beg to do it each day! We have been working through the lessons slowly because my kids want to do EVERY activity that is included in the book. So we usually spend a little time each day on the various projects. Something else I have absolutely loved is that it is teaching science in a gentle way to my young ones. It is not all just fun, but has some wonderful teaching in it, too! And, the work is all done for me. I don’t have to plan the lessons, just open & go."
--Karyn Tripp, Pleasant Grove, UT