e-Readiness Survey

Adapted version of Winke and Goertler (2008)

Technology Survey.pdf

Needs Analysis

Adapted version of Gravatt, Richards, and Lewis (1997, as cited in Richards, 2001, pp. 80-86)


AR Usage Experience Survey

Adapted versions of Davis (1989), Venkatesh, Morris, Davis, and Davis (2003), and Chow, Thadani, Wong, and Pegrum (2015)

AR Usage Experience Survey.pdf

Evaluation Questionnaire

Adapted version of Harker (2005)

Evaluation Questionnaire (Bilingual).pdf

Social Presence, Group Work, e-Feedback Surveys

Adapted versions of Picciano (2002), Smith et al. (2011), van der Hulst, van Boxel, and Meeder (2014), Parton, CrainDorough, and Hancock (2011), Gould and Day (2013), Lunt and Curran (2010)

Social Presence, Group Work, & e-Feedback.pdf