Operator Theory Talks for Early Researchers


Operator Theory Talks for Early Researchers (OTTER) is a venue for researchers in operator theory, complex analysis, and related areas to stay connected. In particular, OTTER encourages participation from graduate students, post-docs, visiting professors, and other early researchers, with the aim to strengthen our community across all levels.

We have a physical presence at conferences (e.g. the Joint Math Meetings and the Southeastern Analysis Meeting) as well as an online presence via engaging talks from prominent figures in our community on the various active areas of Operator Theory, their open problems, and more. Our community engagement is facilitated by applications such as Discord and Zoom.

Some talks will be recorded, and the videos, along with abstracts and suggestions for further reading will be available on the OTTER youtube channel.


Please visit the Schedule page to see upcoming events, and the Sign up page to receive communications (including links for Zoom and Discord).


Discord is an online application that users can join and converse about their favorite topics (one can access it via a browser, a web application, or a phone application -- see https://discord.com/ for details). OTTER uses Discord to share important information about recent events, future conferences, organize social events, and more. Feel free to join and start your own conversation!

Please use the Sign up page to receive communications (including links for Zoom and Discord), or email ottermathtalks@gmail.com to request an invite link to the Discord server.