Operator Theory Talks for Early Researchers

2tart presents otter

Born in the lockdown Summer of 2020, out of the conference on Operator Theory With Its Applications, Operator Theory Talks for Early Researchers (OTTER) aims to form a community for early researchers in operator theory, complex analysis, and related areas.

Further, OTTER aims to serve as a pipeline for graduate students interested in the field.

OTTER will host weekly meetings via Zoom and Discord. These meetings will be both mathematical and social.

Please visit the Schedule page to see the schedule and the Sign up page to receive communications (including links for Zoom and Discord) or to submit an abstract.

Some talks (not the casual chats!) will be recorded, and the videos, along with abstracts and suggestions for further reading will be available on the OTTER youtube channel.


Weekly meetings occur in two alternating formats, listed below. Feel free to attend as frequently or infrequently as you like!


Expository talks, focusing on current problems in operator theory, lasting 40 minutes with 20 minutes for questions. These talks are given by early career researchers (including grad students).

Held over Zoom.


Mathematics chats, lasting ~1 hour, comprised of informal socialising about the field of operator theory at large, as well as about the mechanics of being a mathematician.

Held over Discord.