The OTIS Academy

Developing Youthful Talent to fuel the business economy

Our Vision

The OTIS Academy is the Golden Pond and Golden Bridge for Academia and Business.

The Golden Pond & The Golden Bridge

The OTIS Academy is the Golden Pond, where youthful talent from high schools and colleges are trained for companies to find and recruit. The Golden Bridge is where talent finds the connection that takes them from academia to the business world through internships and apprenticeship programs.

This will be one of THE largest initiatives this region has ever seen. Where do we start? We will start where we are needed most, the Great City of San Bernardino.

our mission

  • Help our youth of all cultures and ethnicities find and develop their talents.

  • Give the youth the platform and the environment to acquire the needed skills to succeed in the New World of Work—the 21st-century economy.

  • Connect the youth to the business world through internships, case studies, and experiential and Project-Based Learning (PBL)

  • Increase the chances for the youth to become employable and promotable through coaching and mentoring

  • Equip small business with cutting edge knowledge to level the playing field

  • Help businesses create a pipeline for talent.

  • Build partnerships and alliances that will nurture the OTIS Academy for Success

  • Become a center for personal and professional development

  • Become a center for corporate training

  • Be a good citizen and representation of the region.

our core

  • Train our youth on fundamental business concepts

  • Equip the youth with the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century Economy

  • Help the youth acquire the Qs competencies: AQ, BQ, CQ, DQ, EQ, etc.

  • Train businesses on the critical functions needed to secure and maintain their cash flow and operational efficiencies

  • Work with businesses to secure internships and apprenticeships.

  • Work on building a pipeline connecting schools and young talent to businesses and economic and workforce development

our focus







O: open-minded & opportunity

T: trust & technology

I: integrity

S: skill & solution


What is the significance of the turtle?

In Aesop’s fables, the Turtle won the race by being slow and steady. So, to win the race of life, we need to be like the Turtle. We need to be slow, controlled and focused on our visions and dreams.

The Turtle has a hard shell and a soft body; this reminds us that, to succeed in life, we need to acquire the hard and soft skills required to function at optimal levels and excel in our personal and professional endeavors. Moreover, the Turtle builds on Terra Firma. And when needed, amphibian Turtles can swim and dive.

Who should attend the academy?

High school seniors, college students, working professionals and folks who want to extend their business-world education.

How much does it cost to attend the academy?

To be determined. However, through the support of our donors, scholarships will be available. There is an application process for scholarships.