Choosing A Good Osteopathy Clinic

Osteopathy is the technique of massaging and stretching the body's muscles and joints to prevent and treat various health conditions, and the belief that good spinal health can improve blood circulation, and improve one's overall health. It can be extremely effective and beneficial, although finding a good osteopathy clinic can take some research.

Many osteopaths get much of their business from referrals, and an effective first step is to ask for recommendations from family, co-workers and friends. Browsing online can also give you a good idea of an osteopath's experience, qualifications and the size and scope of their practice. Look for customer reviews and feedback, which can be a big help when it comes to choosing a reliable medical professional. If all else fails, the American Osteopathic Association represents over 130,000 osteopathic professionals and can help you with recommendations; the General Osteopathic Council also keeps a list of qualified osteopaths.

Look for good customer service and an osteopathic practice that is easy to work with. A good indication of the type of service you might expect is whether they return calls on time, answer the phone quickly or place you on hold, what forms of payment they accept and whether they offer financing for services. Many patients develop a long relationship with their osteopath, seeing them regularly over years, so it's also important to work with someone you trust and respect, and have a rapport with. An initial consultation and brief tour of the facility are always recommended.

And of course, you also need to determine whether any osteopathic services you have are covered under your health or medical insurance. You may also want to look for an osteopath based in a building that's accessible and conveniently located; if you are in pain when you make your visits, stairs or a long walk from the parking lot can be an issue.

You should also determine whether you need to see an osteopath or a chiropractor; a chiropractor focuses primarily on the back, while an osteopath treats a wider range of conditions and disorders, and the treatment sessions may be more spread out.