Orono K-5 Summer Reading

Important for ALL Students

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Why is Summer Reading Important?

Research has shown that students can lose up to three months of reading progress when a break from school equates to a break from reading. This loss is cumulative and can result in up to a two-year lag in reading achievement by the time students enter middle school. Here are some things that you can do to engage your child in reading this summer.

  1. Go to the public library. Public libraries often sponsor summer reading clubs for all ages, as well as, provide age appropriate lists for summer reading. If your child does not have a library card, please take them to the library to get one. Explore all that's available for your free use!

  2. Read to your child every day. Make it fun by reading outdoors! Read to your and let your child read to you. Take advantage of rainy days, and snuggle up to read together! Discuss the books with your children!

  3. Listen to audio books. Listen to these recordings in the car, or turn off the TV and have the family listen to them together at home. You might look for stories or podcasts on line.

  4. Be a reading role model. Keep a variety of reading materials around the house. Turn off the TV and have family reading time (including mom and dad). Talk about the cool things that you're reading or have read.

  5. Subscribe to magazines.

  6. Reread favorite books. A great way to improve your child's confidence and fluency is to practice by reading a book many times. Research shows that repeated readings are highly effective method for reading improvement. Show your child how phrasing and expression helps with meaning. Encourage your child to read to you and/or siblings.

  7. Read and do research in preparation for a trip.

  8. Complete a BINGO or blackout on the Summer Reading BINGO board.

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Schumann BINGO Board

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Orono Intermediate School BINGO Board