Orienteer Kansas

Next Event:

  • Sat, 5/26, Stoll Park Orienteering, Annual Meeting & Potluck, Overland Park KS
    • Registration starts a 4 pm Shelter #1
    • Bring a dish to share

What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is a competitive international sport that combines racing with navigation. It is a timed race in which individual participants use a specially created, highly detailed map to select routes and navigate through diverse and often unfamiliar terrain and visit control points in sequence. Courses also can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods, with difficulty levels from beginner to expert offered at most events. more

Coming Events

  • Sat, 5/26, Stoll Park, Overland Park KS
  • Sun 6/10, Gage Park, Topeka KS
  • Sat, 7/7, 9 am, Clinton Overlook, Lawrence KS
  • Sun, 7/22, Sunflower Games @Washburn U, Topeka KS
  • Sat, 8/11, Burcham Park, Lawrence KS

1984 Intercollegiate Champs University of Kansas (Tom Wolf, Fritz Menninger, Michael Eglinski, Bill Comfort, Peggy Dickison)

The 2010 National Champs from the 8-point team relay race in Colorado: Mary Jones, Peggy Dickison, Mark Everett and Mike Eglinski. Peggy and Mark were also the individual champs in the open divisions in the ultra champs the following day (July 21)