Ciara and Chloe's Work Placement

Day 1 Of Work Placement- Chloe & Ciara

We were then brought to our work placement, where we were introduced to the children and the ways in which they learn English.

Bedtime Routine

Day 2- Today we got the children ready for bed this included changing them into their pajamas and made sure they were comfortable after tucking them into their beds.

Game Time

Day 5- Today Ioana came into the kindergarten and entertained the children by having their very own zumba class, this included dancing to songs like "i am a gummy bear" She also invited us to join in on the class.


Going to miss these children so much, we have built very strong friendships with them

On day 7 of work experience we did circle time, where we threw a soft dice to each other and began forming sentences eg "hello, my name is Ana Maria"

Crazy Children

Day 7- The children are beginning to get more confidence infront of us


Day 8- today we had organised how to express ourselves by using images and teaching them the words in English


We also learned the basic types of weather by drawing basic images on the board

The Sky

Arts & Crafts With the Kids

Story time with Adriana

Puppet Show in the Kindergarten