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Hello Orange Room Families!

This update includes our activities for the end of last week, and our plans for this week!

At the end of our snowy week, we read the story "Over and Under the Snow". We learned that animals find different places to take shelter in the winter. Some come out each day, and some sleep all winter long. Some spend winter up in trees, in caves and dwellings made of logs and branches, and some take shelter in tunnels or burrows under the ground. We took turns placing pictures of animals on a snow scene painting trying to remember the proper places they all belong. The kids did a great job of this! We then built snow and ice structures using a variety of building materials and placed animals in our structures, naming their position and following prepositional directions such as, "Place the polar bear in the cave." or "..next to the hill" or "...on the iceberg." We practiced our fine motor scissor skills by cutting along straight and curved lines using winter theme cutting strips.

This week we are reading the story "Snowmen at Night". A fun story about all the fun things that snowmen do at night when people are sleeping. The children chose to either draw a snowman, or trace a snowman using a stencil, add details and then tell us about their snowman's adventures at night! We welcomed a new friend to the morning class, so happy to have him join us! We were also so glad to get a visit form Maple, a special service dog who will visit us from time to time! She is sweet and specially trained to assist friends to feel relaxed and happy!

A reminder to all, Wednesday afternoon (2/1) is a scheduled Professional Development Day for staff. There will be no afternoon session for students this week on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday we will introduce our new month which includes: new Hello and goodbye Songs, a new color and shape (pink/heart), and our February theme - Community Helpers!.

This year we will have a classroom Valentine's Celebration! This will include special activities for our children to celebrate their friendship with each other. Our activities do not involve food, please send in snacks and such in your child's backpack as usual, but not food treats for the class. The children will decorate mailbags to share Valentine's cards. I will send information on how many students are in your child's class if you wish to participate in card sharing. Note: some store bought Valentine's may have a trinket or candy attached, if you choose this type, the Valentine's will be sent home and you can decide whether or not your child can have the treat. None of these will be opened at school. You should have received the messenger notification of the Valentine card craft event at school this Friday, an additional note regarding this event is below.

Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Terry :)

Notes & Reminders:

The weather changes by the day, sometimes not so cold, and some days quite cold! As wintery weather blows in, keep in mind that we do play outside as much as it is feasible! When the snow comes, it is best for our morning friends to arrive dressed in all winter wear. I recommend adding a reusable handled grocery bag in their backpack so when we come in, they can fill the bag with their hats, mittens, snowpants, etc, that will not fit in their backpack. Our afternoon friends can arrive wearing what they wish, or bring the additional bag of all necessary outwear and we'll help them dress up for outdoor recess at the end of day.

Thank you! This is working well for many of our students to hold their winter wear!

Friends of the ECC invite families to make Valentines cards with their favorite preschoolers!

When: February 3rd Time: 5:00 - 6:00 pm Where: ECC- Curriculum Center

We will show My Fuzzy Valentine by Word World. Craft materials will be available to make special valentine cards together!

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