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Planes Fly

How Full is Your Bucket?

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


Airplane Song (Air Travel Theme Yoga)

Super Hero Cheer

Super Hero Action Song

Week of 5/27/2024:

Hello Orange Room Families!

We started our week on Tuesday after the Memorial Holiday! It's so hard to believe we are in the "home stretch" of our school year! The children have come so far, learning and growing and enjoying all that preschool has to offer!

This week we continued with a mix of stories, songs, and activities around our transportation theme mixed with all preparations for our end of year festivities.  We have moved from ground transportation to air transportation. Our fine motor activity was following the pattern for paper folding and decorating our airplanes. We read the book "Planes Fly" and moved to an air transportation yoga song. We took our planes to the field to fly! 

Our table activities included sky writing with our finger "planes" through shaving cream clouds, number writing with dry erase markers on number shaped runways, building transportation vehicles such as planes and helicopters with bristle blocks. We also played a transportation themed group card game called "I Have/Who Has". We are doing a great job with this particular game as we've been playing it all year with cards relating to our themes. 

Speaking of flight, we have been sooo excited to see all our butterflies emerge from their chrysalises and on Friday we let them take flight! The children have been observing them in the butterfly house using magnifying glasses. You could even see their proboscis which is a long sting like "tongue" that the curls and uncurls to drink like from a straw. On Friday, we released them, some in the morning and some in the afternoon. Our apologies to the children on Thursday, who did not see them release but they can't fly in the rain and did not want to hold them all weekend. They should be freed before their short life ends. It was so fun for the children to watch them practice using their wings to fly a distance for the first time! 

Throughout the week we also did review of all our preschool skills. We read two books gifted to our class about how to fill our bucket and fill the buckets of people around us. We learned that everyone has an "Imaginary Bucket". When we feel happy, have good thoughts, and showing caring and kindness, our buckets are full! We fill other peoples buckets when we are helpful and kind to them! When we are unkind or mean, or just have sad or angry thoughts, our buckets empty. Our children learned what it is to be a bucket filler and a bucket dipper. We practiced and recognized when we are filling our friends buckets with happiness... which in turn fills our own buckets at the same time! Seeing someone smile is a good way to know that you have done something that fills another person's bucket with happiness!

A few notes and reminders for this upcoming week: Friday is Parade Day! Click the link for the flyer full of Parade Day information. It states that the classes will meet on the field for for an after parade gathering and presentation. Please note the Orange Room families will meet inside the classroom. It just makes sense for us in case of uncertain weather and for a little surprise we have planned for you! Also please know, if Friday is not a day your child usually attends, you are invited to join us for the day's festivities. Please drop your child off upon arrival as usual and then join the families in the lot to view the parade. The children have decorated the hallways with self portraits of what makes them a Superhero (our parade theme), please take their picture home with you when you head back home! 

Parade Day Invitation 2024 

On Friday, we will place a bag of your child's spare clothes and toileting supplies in their coat cubby to be taken home. Please just keep an extra outfit in their backpack for the last few days to have on hand just in case. For children not toilet trained we will keep a couple diapers on hand for them and send the rest home. This is also the day our end of year progress reports are sent home. 

With sincere appreciation for all your kindness and support all year through! 

Ms. Terry, Miss Sheila, Miss Laurie & the Orange Room Team!   

Notes & Reminders:

June 7 - Parade Day

June 7 - Progress Reports sent

June 12 - Last day of School

As the weather finds it's way to warmer and sunnier days, remember to apply sunscreen for your children before the arrive at school. Sun hats are a good idea as well, please label them with your child's name. 

Thank you!  :)

From the Community Engagement Committee: 

Home Guide for PreK Skills

A quick list of some top skills recommended by your teachers and specialists, for children

to practice/acquire by the end of the PreK experience, before entering Kindergarten. Click on "PreK Skills Quick List" for the link to the pamphlet. 

PreK Skills Quick List 

Orange Room Photo Gallery 

Log Cabin Kitchen Center

Woodland Sensory Table

Play-dough Turkey

Gingerbread Bakery!

Alphabet Tree

Holiday Art!

Doctor's Office

Waiting Room


Auto Center

Pet Care Center

Pizza Shop

Space theme Sensory Table

Space Center and Rocket

Ice Cream Shop and Camping Center! Summer fun!

Here are some views of our new classroom furnishings, items, and set-up! We are so appreciative!

Recent Artwork

Feed The Animals

Building and fixing the tractor!

Orange Room Gallery 2023-24

Making a face with loose Parts!

Making a face with loose parts!

Another fine face!

The E.C.C. Market!

Dramatic Play Center

Fall Farm Stand

Dramatic Play Center

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

More Spookleys

Spookley is his name, square is his game!

Art Gallery: Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Three Pig's houses!

Art Gallery: Textured Bears

Pinecone painted shapes turkeys!

Featuring: our color/shapes of the month (brown square, red circle, yellow and orange triangles) as well as colorful diamonds!

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Plants!

We've been so excited to see the seeds we scooped out of our pumpkins, and planted in soil, growing so amazingly! The children have watered them well and have witnessed the first parts of the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin first hand! If you look closely, some leaves have the seed shell on it still, and the roots are wrapping around the cup deep under the soil! Some sprouts are just pushing through while others have stretched up to the sun quickly! I wonder if you can keep them growing at home until they become a vine!

Our new classroom set-up!

Polar Sensory Table!

Dramatic Play House with Laundry Center! Hang the Mittens from 1-10.     :)

Post Office!

Spring is in the AIR!

Pet Care Center

The turtle found in the playground! Everyone enjoyed a close view before we released it back down by the lake!

The sunflower seeds are sprouting!

Sprout Houses with bean and pea seeds!

Our Caterpillars! They just arrived, we will be watching them closely to see how they transform!

The Butterfly House in our Discovery Center!

The caterpillars are all transforming into the chrysalis form! Since this photo was taken, they have lost semblance of caterpillar form and hang in a green oblong shape. We can not wait to see the butterflies emerge!

To our amazement, two of our butterflies have emerged!

You can see the others hanging on the cloth holder. When we left on Friday they remained in chrysalis form!

Another view. It is not seen here but these butterflies have orange on their wings. How appropriate for the Orange Room!

All our Painted Lady Butterflies!

Releasing some butterflies in the morning!

Releasing the rest of the butterflies in the afternoon!

Oh, look! Another turtle who just wants to join recess in the playground!