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Hello Orange Room Families! 

This was our last week with the "All About Me" theme. While learning about our Five Senses, we used our noses to identify scents. Our containers had scented cotton balls inside, so we all used our sense of smell to identify the scents. The children gave a thumbs up or a thumbs down for the scents they liked or not. The 4 samples were: lemon, cinnamon, lavender, and peppermint. We also looked in a mirror to see our own eye color, then put our name on a graph of each color and counted to see which eye color had the most, the least, or none at all! We continued to work on the projects surrounding facts about ourselves: we painted a birthday cake with the correct number of candles for our age, colored with our favorite color, considered our favorite things to eat and do at school, measured our heights and stamped the first letter of our name as well as decorate our letter with stickers.

Our special message of the week was "Just Be Kind!" Everyday we wondered, "Who did we find being kind?" Truly, everyone demonstrated moments of kindness with one another, taking turns, asking for turns nicely, helping to clean our toys in the classroom, and more!

Our gross motor dances were so much fun, in the wiggle song we wiggled every part of me! We stomped our feet and waved our arms to to the beat...which the kids loved when it became faster! For fine motor, we colored, painted, used daubers, dry erase markers, some practiced scissor skills as free choice, built potato head people and used playdough with tools.

The children are getting good at recognizing their name using their sign in name tags. We sent the red circle name tags home because Monday starts October, and we will have new name tags with the shape and color of the month for October. Feel free to save all their name tags this year, a good way to recognize the letters of their name as well as review the identification of shape and color. 

Enjoy a lovely Fall Weekend, the sun is set to come out!

~Ms. Terry   :)

Notes & Reminders:  

October 9 - No School, State Holiday

From the Community Engagement Committee: 

Home Guide for PreK Skills - END OF YEAR 2023

Click on the link to view a guide for fun learning activities to try at home! 

 Home Guide for PreK Skills - End of Year

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Making a face with loose parts!

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