A public demonstration instance of openSALT is viewable at

To request access to a Sandbox server to create and edit framework, please contact PCG.

View, search, and export a framework and its associations.

An example of making a crosswalk between standard groups is below:

Key features that distinguish openSALT:

  • Easily create derivative frameworks from national standards for use within States or LEA's

  • Create customized competency frameworks with connections to national and state frameworks as needed

  • Set learning progressions within a framework

  • Allow different views of a framework (For example, view the Standards of Engineering Practices in the NGSS framework separately from the DCI statements)

  • Filter frameworks by keyword

  • Enabled for the common alignment of resources and assessments to standards

  • A Consistent digital format that can be easily integrated into ed-tech products and internal documents alike (Export to the standardized CASE Format as well as spreadsheets)

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List of associations between frameworks