Lectures are in English. Each lecture lasts for 25 minutes followed by a 15 minutes Q&A session moderated by the session chair. The lectures will be held live on Zoom. Please look at our tutorial on Zoom when you have difficulties by using it. Past lectures will be available on Youtube.

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José Carlos de Seixas History of Freemasonry in Latin America, its development and current situation.

Where Freemasonry came from and how it started in Latin America? A short mention to the causes and main personages that brought Freemasonry to our Countries. The development of its structure and current situation, and its arrangement into a regional society, the CMI (Confederation of Interamerican Masonry), with a possible expansion toward other regions of the Globe. What other foreign masonic powers are participating on this development.

Comments on the most powerful freemasonry environment in Latin America – Brazil. A history of its creation, development and actual situation, after two main schisms in 1927 and 1973. What is the situation now?

How can we expect Freemasonry to develop in Latin America, and the challenges we must face.

Forthcoming Lectures


Mike Kearsley To be announced soon!


Lucio Artini, Michele Hagen "The long confrontation between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry: four significant moments"


Fabio Venzi Freemasonry and the Catholic Church, 300 years of misunderstanding


Robert Collis Avignon Society&Freemasonry

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