The Moribund Institute of Educational Theory

We are philonoists [people seeking knowledge] and we make YouTube videos in the hope that spread curiosity & help accelerate the exchange of ideas. We hope to also promulgate our own insights into life here – often submerged in a pile of dry sarcastic humour.

If you can look past that my – hopefully there’s something to be learnt.

The Long Term Goal of the "Mending Moribund Project" is to build up a portfolio/archive of educational materials for the ultimate foster home/ boarding school. Where we will have an on-site SAN Server. This site (is) organized by the dewey decimal system you will find the "moribund" materials by the subject on the pages, and a page for third party sources aren't (necessarily) part of the "moribund" educational system; we (are connected) either a staff member, or (simply) we're fans or like to poke fun.

Class 000 - Computer Science

Technology [Moribund Inst.]

Class 100 - Philosophy & Psychology

Memory [Moribund Inst.]

Class 200 - Religion

Religion [Moribund Inst.]

ReligionForBreakfast [We <3]

BibleProject [We <3]

Class 300 - Social Sciences

Law [Moribund CGLM]

Politics [Moribund CGLM]

Class 400 - Languages

Class 500 - Science

Mathematics [Moribund Inst.]

Class 600 - Technology

Class 700 - Arts & Education

Class 800 - Literature

Class 900 - History & Geography

Outside Dewey

Talking Titus [Moribund CGLM]

Frost is Fashion [Moribund CGLM]

Wiki With [Moribund CGLM]

Reading Moribund [Moribund CGLM]