The Tocky Lab (Masahiro Ono Lab)

We are investigating mechanisms underlying T-cell memory and regulation, with particular interests in cancer, infections, and autoimmunity

We are currently recruiting PhD students and research fellows. Contact to discuss further details.

• Our collaborative research on HTLV-1 infection and leukaemia development published (15 December 2021)

News & Views by Masahiro Ono for Nature Immunology published (23 August 2021)

• Review article on T-cell dysregulation in COVID-19 published (29 January 2021).

• Our research on roles of T-cells in severe COVID-19 published (8 October 2020)

• Our review on Foxp3 transcirptional dynamics (=Treg dynamics) published (4 Aug 2018).

• Our second Tocky paper has been published in the EMBO Journal (10 July 2018)

• Our paper reporting the Tocky technology has been published in the Journal of Cell Biology (25 June 2018)

We are conducting cutting-edge research to understand how immune responses are regulated in normal and disease conditions in our body.

We are based in Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London in South Kensington, London, UK.

Our work includes experimental studies, data-oriented analysis, and new technology development in immunology

The lab head email:

Researchers: we welcome people with genuine interest in immunology.

Non-academia: Contact for consultancy and media coverage