The Pros and Cons of Using Generic Drugs

Generic drugs largely shape the reason for the world availing equal good health irrespective of their income size. These drugs are being sold for a variety of illnesses and treatments and promise a great result.

Generic drugs can be defined as the dupe for a branded drug. They are similar to their branded counterpart in terms of their composition, ingredients, and effect. The difference lies in their pricing. They are way cheaper than their branded versions, and that's one reason why one can easily buy erectile dysfunction pills.

Generic drugs and their similarity to branded drugs

Generic drugs work the same way as the branded drug. They are also supposed to be consumed in the same manner and show the result in the same way. However, during manufacturing, slight variation can occur, especially in cases of mass production.

Most countries have regulations that tend to cap the magnitude of variation, which is permissible. For instance, the FDA in the USA approved a difference of 3.5% between a generic vs. branded drug regarding their absorption rate into the body.

Advantages of using generic drugs

Generic drugs come with several advantages that have been mentioned below.


According to the food and drug administration estimates in the USA, generic drugs are almost 85% cheaper than their branded versions. This difference arises because of the initial research undertaken by brands to come up with the product. Generic drugs are just a dupe and hence, cost less than their branded counterparts. One can easily buy erectile dysfunction pills USA to fix their sexual health.

They don't compromise on the active ingredient

All the ingredients used in generic drugs are similar to branded versions. Hence, the quality is the same, and one will experience the same result by paying less. One can easily buy anti-anxiety tablets USA as the active ingredient is going to be the same.


Generic drugs have to undergo many steps to get the avail of the safety certificate from the relevant organization. As you buy tablets for pain relief online USA, it might feel that the process is very seamless.

Each generic drug goes through a long chain of checks to ensure that they are safe for the public. The manufacturing plant is also periodically inspected to ensure that their production policies are in sync with the standards.

Cons of generic drugs

Sometimes include additional ingredients

The regulations ensure that the active ingredient is the same in both the branded and the generic versions. But, the producer is free to add other ingredients in smaller quantities.

Can look different

Different manufacturers can make the same generic drug look different. This, in turn, can confuse the person who wants to buy erectile dysfunction pills. People often identify the packaging of a drug even if they are unaware of its name.


Generic drugs have been bridging the gap between rich and poor to receive the same health benefits. They have also been upgrading in sync with the needs of the time. Proper standardization and effective policies can help use them in an optimum manner.