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Online English tutor 在线英语导师

Hello! My name is Szymon. I would like to invite you to my online English lessons. Are you a student struggling with your homework? Would you like to have a better understanding of different aspects of English grammar? Or maybe you just want to start having conversations in English? Get help from somebody who is really enthusiastic about learning and teaching languages.

你好。我的名字是西蒙 。我想请你参加我的在线英语课程 。 你在功课上挣扎吗? 你想更好地理解英语语法吗? 你想学习英语会话吗? 从真正热衷于学习和教学语言的人那里获得帮助 。

My qualifications 我的资格

TEFL certificate 作为外语的英语教学 (证明书)

2 years of university education (English philology) 大学教育 ( 2年; 英语语言学)

Contact and booking 联系方式。预约课程

You can book a lesson through my email ( - let me know when you would like to have your lesson and what kind of help you need. Your lesson is booked only if you receive a message confirming your booking. You need to have access to the Internet and a Skype account.

你可以通过我的电子邮件预订课程 。 让我知道你什么时候想上课,以及需要什么帮助。 仅当你收到确认你的预订的消息时,你的课程才被预订。 你需要访问互联网和Skype帐户。

Payment 支付方式

6.50 $ / 30 min

6.50 $ / 30分钟

PayPal payments 贝宝付款

You can make a payment after your lesson 你可以在上课后付款

My availability 当我有空时

Wednesday 5 pm to 9 pm (Chinese time) 星期三下午5点至晚上9点

Thursday 5 pm to 9 pm (Chinese time) 星期四下午5点至晚上9点

Friday 5 pm to 9 pm (Chinese time) 星期五下午5点至晚上9点

About me 关于我

Name 名和姓 : Szymon Wielogorski

Age 岁 : 38

Location 居住地 : Blackburn, Lancashire, England