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Esports Betting Continue to Rise

Not all industries have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Due to various restriction measures imposed by governments worldwide, people have been forced to stay at home or work using digital platforms. This only applies to those sectors that have been lucky to survive, because many others have been forced to close down.

To some extent, the betting industry has been hit by the pandemic. Casino floors from Las Vegas to Manila have become very quiet in the wake of the pandemic. Besides, traditional sporting events and leagues have come to an abrupt halt. This is as a measure of avoiding large gatherings in an effort to flatten the curve. With the stoppage of a host of sports leagues, many forms of betting have been affected. Many gamblers are accustomed to popular sports leagues and without them, they can't bet.

Effects of the Pandemic

With the disruption of normal sporting activities, esports betting has been on a significant rise. Previous, very few people engaged in e-sports betting, but today, it being seen as an antidote! Many sports betting Philippines are now opting for this platform. Esports betting has become more than just a trend, but the new way of engaging in sports betting! Record numbers of people are joining this platform on a daily basis. Esports tournaments like Rockets League are experiencing a tramendous increase in viewership. Previously, this market wasn't an accessory for many gamblers, but thanks to the current situation, many are joining it. A report published by ESI Gambling shows that there has been a sharp increase in e-sports betting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Current Situation

Coronavirus has taken a toll on many industries across the globe. The gambling industry is among those that are doing well amidst the pandemic. Now that many forms of traditional betting like physical casinos have closed down, there has been need to bandage the bleeding gambling industry. Major betting companies experienced massive losses at the beginning of the pandemic, with renown brands like Sky Bet reporting millions of euros in loses. This was mainly attributed to sporting event restrictions.

Besides, physical casinos have been forced to shut down as the pandemic continues to wreck havock. In the US, for instance, various stay-at-home restrictions dealt a huge blow to casino stocks which came tumbling down.

Unlike other forms of online sports betting, however, e-sports betting has come out on top. Even though it has experienced its own share of setbacks, e-sports betting has risen tramendously in the pandemic era. Thanks to its digital nature, many sports activities can still happen. Virtual sports have perfectly replaced the normal physical sports. As a result, many e-sports leagues and tournaments have made a smooth transition to the new structure.

Options for Gamblers

Thanks to esports, gamblers now have an alternative to traditional forms of betting. Before the pandemic struck, gamblers has a wide a range of betting options to choose from. The normal sporting activities ensured gambling went on as normal. When covid-19 struck, many of these leagues stopped. Esports betting emerged as the perfect option thanks to its non-contact operations.

In the Philippines, for instance, more online betting sites have emerged during the pandemic. In fact, online gambling is among the few industries in the country that have managed to remain afloat. Statistics show that the only gambling industry in the country grew by 18% since January 2020. This is around the time when the first coronavirus case was reported in philippines.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect and understand industries globally, e-sports continues to make steady strides to solidifying its dominance. It is among the few industries that are doing so well in the pandemic!


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