The encounter between video games and toys

Oniri Islands is the combination of two complementary universes that enrich each other to offer a new gaming experience! To play, Oniri Islands replaces the "controllers" with figurines that use the static electricity released by the body! Players move their miniatures and slide them on their tablet to solve riddles, puzzles and explore the world of Oniri. Thanks to a very simple clip system, players can customize their toys with 5 totem animal masks. Each one grants them magical powers: swimming in deep waters like a shark, flying into the sky like a falcon and much more!

An adventure to discover with friends or family

Oniri Islands is a cooperative adventure game to share together! The players play as two children, the twins Mina and Tim, lost on a mysterious island. To return home, the heroes must find their shadows in the world of Oniri using animal masks with magical powers. In Oniri Islands, cooperation is the driving force that keeps players moving forward throughout the game. From 6 years old, children and their families are invited to live a unique and friendly game experience!

A poetic universe for big and small

Inspired by Peter Pan's story of Lost Children, Oniri Islands presents a unique universe written by Sabrina Calvo, narrative designer and writer. The game immerses participants in a world full of magic and is enhanced by a sublime soundtrack for a total immersion. The first three chapters of the adventure are to be revealed in Winter 2018!


Contents of the game box


Awards & Distinctions

About Tourmaline Studio

Tourmaline is a Geneva based interactive studio crafting new kinds of games. Blending tangible and digital realms. The studio was co-founded by two women: Marion Bareil and Camille Attard.

Tourmaline has been awarded in Switzerland and abroad: Pro Helvetia, Genilem, Venture Kick, GDC Best in Play. The manufacturing of the first toy boxes was successfully financed by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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