We pride ourselves with our ability to transform an everyday setting into a perfect environment for our customers. Our management philosophy emphases service first. We build great relationships with facility managers to address many of our customers’ concerns by providing cost effective services all with safety and customer satisfaction as our goal.

Our team of managers and supervisors work hand in hand in the field and on any job sites teaming up with construction superintendents, project managers, engineers, and facility managers to make sure all needs are met expeditiously. We believe the best way to build best customer relations is to work side by side with our customers. We do everything in our power to make each feel at home away from home.

Consistency in cleaning at Nation One is the most important aspect of our services. Hotel cleaning services play a vital role in today’s hospitality market in making sure that guests continue to return to the hotel. Our hotel cleaning crew is well trained in hotel housekeeping techniques, personalized customer service such as greeting guests, setting guestroom thermostat, and placement of linens. We train our crew to make sure we deliver five star customer services consistently. Alternatively, Nation One Cleaning will do overnight hotel cleaning or janitorial service as needed by hotel facility managers and engineers.

• Trained professional janitorial housekeeping personnel

• A customized hotel cleaning program for the specific needs of your property

• A quality assurance program that is unmatched in the cleaning industry

We specialize in providing top quality cleaning services to a variety of venues.

Hotel Housekeeping Services

Nation One Cleaning searches for hotels that want to establish a partnership. This mutually beneficial relationship ensures the standard of care that you and your guests expect. You benefit from our staff’s training in the correct and most efficient cleaning procedures for maintaining your property. We give our customers a hundred percent customer satisfaction in training and professionalism.

Office Cleaning: Business Cleaning and Office Cleaning Services Can Increase Productivity

Face of your buildings says a lot from the outside in. Customers, tenants and employees deserve only the best. Whether they are coming to work or just visiting for a meeting, the building should be welcoming on the outside as much as comforting and inviting on the inside. One Nation Cleaning goes above and beyond to deliver unrivaled office cleaning, business cleaning and building maintenance services to the people who matter the most in your business.

Studies have shown that office cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity. Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet, germs that contribute to U.S. workers taking an average of seven sick days per year. That number can be decreased by implementing an office cleaning and janitorial service program that prevents germs from spreading. By using effective cleaning products and keeping a serene environment by using proper products, the functionality of the employee’s increases and customer services increases.

• An effective, well maintained cleaned office building, from sparkling floors to sanitized restrooms

• Dedicated and well trained cleaning team to handle any janitorial or office cleaning challenge

• 24-hour operating team and customer service

Janitorial Services tailored to Meet Your Office Building Needs

We specialize in providing top superior janitorial services to all types of facilities:

Cleaning Services for Property Management

Many management companies have multiple properties with multiple needs. Nation One incorporates cleaning crew to meet the demands and needs of each facility. Nation One has managers and supervisors in nearly every major facility working hand in hand with facility managers at all times. At Nation One we believe personal old fashion face to face every day business is the key to great customer service. Our managers and supervisors never sit behind the desk at the office and wait for phone calls. So whether it's several buildings in the same city or multiple buildings across the nation, Nation One has the infrastructure and support to get the job done, and done efficiently.

Janitorial Services for Privately Owned Buildings

Nation One understands that our clients have invested in their buildings and they demand a cleaning service that understands the importance of great care. At Nation One, our trained cleaning staff has also invested so much time and learning in our training classes, they understand and appreciate the commitment of your properties. Our cleaning staff is trained to not only clean well but also pay close attention to any issues that can cause structural damage.

Janitorial Services for all Buildings

At Nation One, we deliver services beyond expectations. We are well aware that your customers, their clients and employees are the most important part of their success. With that in mind we work diligently to make their environment an exceptional area to want to come to each and every day. No matter what your needs may be, Nation One goes above and beyond to meet our client’s expectations still maintain consistency, quality cleaning that enhances the value of your office building, customer service, and employee productivity. At Nation One, we make sure our customers and their employees’ productivity is never compromised because of lack of good healthy cleaning.

Office Cleaning

Bank Cleaning: Reliable, Trustworthy, and Experienced Bank Cleaning Professionals

Nation One Cleaning has invested lots of time to trained janitorial staff who stops at nothing to deliver unrivaled bank cleaning services. Our staff is well aware the crucial details of safety, discipline, and trust that governs banks and their customer. With that in mind, Nation One goes above and beyond to train, and secure staff with great work ethics, staff that is mindful of security, safety, and privacy of your customers. Nation One is aware of the importance of customer impression. A great environment creates repeat visits. Study shows a new customer forms an immediate impression within the first 30 seconds of entering a building.

Customers value cleanliness and they tend to seek services in banks, stores, and areas that are well kept and customer friendly especially cleanliness. For a bank to invest in a good cleaning company should be serious business. Not only will that enhance customer service but the moral of employees will increase adding better customer service to the customers and in return getting more business and customer referral.

Take time out of your busy schedule and call Nation One Cleaning Management. A call you’ll never regret.

Stadium Cleaning: It all about customer satisfaction - Cleanliness still remains as one of the main factors in determining customer satisfaction.

Event-goers take a clean and functional environment as one of the bases for quality service. During events in a stadium, restrooms and concession stands easily become messy and soiled if not attended efficiently. If these areas are not maintained, customer satisfaction will decrease and some attendees may not feel comfortable in such an environment. This can easily affect productivity and clientele. Nation One Cleaning is dedicated to your customer satisfaction no matter how small or large the crowd. Nation trains highly dedicated, dependable and reliable staff to handle all cleaning challenges associated with large multitude of people or even a high end gathering of people. We are always ready in areas of time management, safety, and manageability of any last minute changes.

• An impeccably cleaned stadium through cleaning practices that maximize efficiency

• Dedicated and experienced support to handle any commercial cleaning challenge

• 24-hour operations team and supervisory inspections and support

Stadiums Cleaning & Arena Cleaning

Nation One staff is well trained and experienced in as many areas of arena cleaning as corporate suites and the grandstands. We make sure that your guests are greeted with clean seats, clean floors and sanitized bathrooms.

Race Track Cleaning & Speedway Cleaning

One Nation also specializes in race track cleaning and speedway cleaning. Call us any time 7 days a week, 24 hrs. a day and all questions will be answered satisfactorily. Choose One Nation Cleaning Management, Inc.

School Cleaning

Working with a large number of students for set periods of time in an educational set up can be one of the challenging areas especially when it comes to cleaning maintenance of facilities If not well maintained, these facilities can become breeding grounds for fast-moving diseases.. In today's environment, proper school cleaning and maintenance procedures are critical to a school’s safety and daily operation. Nation One Cleaning works vigorously to ensure a health, clean environment of your school. With a clear understanding of your concerns and challenges, we provide cost-effective programs backed by uncompromised level service.

Nation One offers:

• An Impeccable, and thorough cleaning practices that maximize efficiency

• Well sort staff with safety and security of your school in mind. Experienced support team to handle any cleaning challenge and emergencies

• 24-hour service team coupled with a well-informed support team

• Security is #1

Nation One Cleaning Experts

Nation One is mindful of your school budget and we offer more than just competitive pricing. We go above and beyond to train and do intensive background checks to make sure that the security and safety of your school is never compromised. We provide comprehensive insurance policy and dishonesty bond, and practice intensive safety measures. We provide direct cleaning service using the same cleaning staff day in and day out which increases security of your school.

From K-12 Grade to Colleges and Universities, Nation One is well trained, equipped, and ready to take your students, teachers, parents and faculty to the next level of cleaning while we cheer their great performances. A clean environment is a mind’s next for great imagination.

Special Ed School Cleaning: Special ED student can easily be disrupted by minor things in life. They need compassion and a friendly setting to succeed. Our team of cleaning staff is trained to not only respect but make sure the environment is as normal as possible without changing or rearranging or moving thing. Trust Nation One staff to accomplish this mission of taking our students to the next level in a friendly clean setting.

-Choose Nation One Cleaning, and we’ll be on the same side cheering our students.

Government Building Cleaning: Secure & Safe Services

Nation One Cleaning staff is well aware of the technicalities of government institutions. Government institutions are pillars of the community and have a very distinctive environment that requires well sort janitorial and maintenance standards. One Nation goes above and beyond to train the best man and women to service our government institution need and demands. With safety and security as the number one priority, Nation One goes above and beyond measures to train, evaluate, and thoroughly choose the most focused, reliable, and attention to detail staff.

By choosing Nation One as your cleaning company of choice you receive:

• A clean and safe government building from the inside out

• Vigilant, dedicated and well trained staff who can handle the intense need of the government.

Government Building Cleaning

Staff that will meet and exceed your expectations.

• You’ll also receive well diverse experienced support team that works 24/7 to make sure your need

are met expeditiously.

• 24-hour service support team and tailored inspections to meet and exceed your daily expectations.

• We carry comprehensive insurance as required by your institutions, and intensive back ground checks

and safety training.

For the comfort of Safety, Security, and time management: Choose Nation One Cleaning Inc.