The Oneironauts

Have you ever had a dream that seemed to come true? Was your déjà vu a form of precognition or an illusion of the mind?

The Oneironauts (o-NEAR-o-nauts) are the dream travelers — people who experience their own future through dreams.

Astronomer Paul Kalas shows that his discovery of a large comet belt around the nearby star Fomalhaut using the Hubble Space Telescope was recorded in his dream diary nine years earlier.

He reviews skeptical approaches such as cryptomnesia, pareidolia, and confirmation bias. In the end he concludes that the evidence most likely represents a measurement of precognition.

As Lord Kelvin said in 1883: "To measure is to know."

Given that our minds could have the capacity for precognition, Dr. Kalas reflects on the concepts of hope, fate, identity and what the future of humanity might looks like 1,000 years from now.

Published as an eBook & paperback