Federated Learning One World Seminar

August 10, 2022 @ 1pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


host: Sebastian Stich

Federated Learning One World (FLOW) seminar provides a global online forum for the dissemination of the latest scientific research results in all aspects of federated learning, including distributed optimization, learning algorithms, privacy, cryptography, personalization, communication compression, systems, hardware, and new generation models. The talks will address the theoretical foundations of the field, as well as applications, datasets, benchmarking, software, hardware and systems.


Time and Format

  • FLOW seminars run weekly on Wednesdays.

  • Most talks will start at 1 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Click here for conversion into your local time.

  • Each talk is allocated 60 minutes: 40 minutes for the talk and up to 20 minutes for Q&A, moderated by the organizers.

  • Here is the list of scheduled talks and archive talks.

How to Participate?

  • We use Zoom - a standard webinar tool. Only the host (KAUST) needs a licence.

  • Register by subscribing to the FLOW mainling list.

  • Prior to the beginning of the seminar, a Zoom link with a password will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the people who have registered to be included in the mailing list.

  • All talks are recorded and uploaded to the FLOW YoutTube channel.

  • For extra convenience, you may optionally sign up to the FLOW calendar.

Seminar Rules

  • Use your full name to log in so that other participants know who you are. Names of participants will be visible to all.

  • As a participant, your audio and video will be muted/turned off to preserve bandwith and prevent noise.

  • You may ask questions during or at the end of the talk via the Zoom Chat or by "raising your hand". Your question will be read by the moderator to everyone; or you will be unmuted so that you can ask the question yourself.

  • You can write chat messages to everyone. There is also a private chat for 1-to-1 communication.


  • If you want to import the FLOW calendar to a non-Google-calendar system, use this .ics file