Who is Omika Suryawanshi?

A student.

I am currently a first-year at the University of Virginia. I'm taking pretty interesting classes, and I've done some pretty interesting things in those classes. I'd be happy to share and discuss some of these things with you if you fill out my contact form!

A teacher.

My local library has generously offered me space to conduct weekly technology based classes to a group of middle school students in my surrounding area. Curriculum written by myself, and activities created by my partner have allowed Leap Into Technology to be an adaptive program that helps girls learn about that one field that everyone knows is blowing up, but not everyone knows how to get into: technology.

A speaker.

I. Love. Talking. A lot. After years and years of dinner table arguments, I finally started channeling my love of speech into a more productive form by engaging in various Speech and Debate events.

A coder.

All this technology-centric teaching has to have stemmed from some level of experience! I have been involved in technology, especially coding for many years. I was recognized on a national scale by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) two years in a row, and have won other distinguished honors distributed by Google, Bloomberg, and other local hackathons.

An advocate.

Each of the things that I do: learning, teaching, speaking, and coding all come together in the final aspect of me. I speak up for the advancement of women in technology. I try to inspire girls who remind me so much of myself in middle school to continue following their interests. I try to make sure that girls won't feel out of place in classes like computer science like I did. I try my very best to give them all a voice, because when you're a middle school student trying to explore something you think is cool, sometimes it feels like you don't have one.