Slice It!

My challenge for my final robotics project, was to create a device that would successfully reinforce or teach school concepts to children ranging from an age of four to seven. In collaboration with students from a Child Development class, we aimed at motivating students to engage with fractions in a way that would deepens and reinforces their understanding of the subject.

Slice It! Video.mp4

For the final product, we managed to create a box that would image process the pieces placed on the game pad and then check to see if it correct The actual game is a direct program python scrip on the raspberry pi that an individual would need to run. Inside the hardware is the raspberry pi which is connected to the camera. The camera lies below the game pad and allows it to take a picture when commanded to do so. We also have a button actuation for the camera to snap a photo when the user is ready to place answer from the game pad

At the recommendation of the students who were actually using the product, we made the theme of the game pizza. The box is designed to appear like a pizza box with the individual fraction pieces being different pizza pie ingredients.


Final Iteration of Slice It! showcasing the pizza box theme. Above you have pictures during testing and the children later playing the full game setup. The game proved to be incredibly interactive and fun for all.